Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bus Company Bows to Theist Threats – Secular New Zealand? Pigs Arse!

The Atheist Bus Campaign in New Zealand has literally ground-to a halt with N.Z Bus Limited backtracking on earlier approval to display the adverts – identical to those used overseas.

This change of mind was brought-about after N.Z Bus received threats to boycott its services and complaints from some of its staff who said they would refuse to drive any bus donning the signs.

The duplicitous N.Z Bus saw no problem running ads for the superstitious, whilst in the next breath refusing those of from the growing numbers of non-superstitious who also happen to occupy seats on its services.

Theists it appears require censorship to defend their position, which weakens generation by generation, rather than open debate on religious role in modern society and the existence of thousands of invisible entities dubbed gods – they claim without a shred of empirical evidence are true.

The weak-minded squawk whenever their own freedoms to practice their chosen superstition are threatened, but see no problem denying others the exact same freedoms they see as sacrosanct.

The moment anyone dares suggesting there is no Yahweh, Zeus, Maui, Shiva, Bacchus etc etc, watching over humanity, creating planets in less than a week, saving people from burning buildings etc they are reduced to attacking the medium – rather than it’s message.

Needless to say The Catholic Church, historic world leaders in repression, bigotry & censorship, has come-out to congratulate N.Z Bus’s actions.

The idea New Zealand is a secular country is a fallacy – a total sham.

New Zealanders should take a look at themselves and the orchestrated suppression of free-thought by groups who bask, fat and bloated, in their ‘tax free status.’

A sad day in our history.


Mike D said...

Hmmm... well, this is the country of Ray Comfort.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Ha Ha Ha - well the only two people I know from Oklahoma are John Denver and Timothy McVeigh - the later being the more interesting of the two being an alternative music sort of chap. Cheers. Paul.