Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Labour now wants a Minister of Religion!

If yesterdays Press Release is any indication, things must have hit the bottom of a political bed-rock, for The New Zealand Labour Party.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, even 3 years away from another general election Labour wants a part of those political donations, tax-exempt religious groups splurge to their ‘chosen’ politicians (pity it's now got to be declared & we can all see it)

Evidently they’ve concluded, it shouldn’t be just The National Party that get’s to share political donations from the likes The Exclusive Brethren?

They’ve asked themselves, how come The Maori Party can get funds from The Anglican Church, and not us?

Labour has finally woken-up to the fact there is ‘more than one cult in town’.

So languishing in the polls, The Labour Party has gone back to basics and looking to consolidate its core constituency: the looney left & at the same time hoping to attract a new sector of followers.

That new sector; Kiwi’s that believe in invisible sky daddies.

Yes folks, The New Zealand Labour Party, has become the mainstream western political party to propose a Minister of Interfaith.

I gather they came-up with the idea on some junket to Tehran. Those Arabs really know how to do this politics and religion thing really well. Iran is a shining example of political systems like this work.

Luamanuvao Winnie Laban has been appointed as Labour’s spokesperson on interfaith issues, the heir apparent to the mantle of Minister of Interfaith (Minister of Religion in drag, but what-ever you do, don’t mention same-sex marriages, homo's to this bunch)

This role is about linking in with the interfaith movements around the country and internationally, to build greater understanding and peace,” Winnie Laban said.

This statement alone adds credence to my ascertains, a new Government Department is about to be born. One with a large travel budget, and full of god-botherers of all colours, with snouts firmly placed in the public trough. It will have a large office next door to Women’s Affairs and time off for both prayers & periods.

In what has to be one of the most is naive and risible statements, to ever part the lips of any N.Z Politician, Winnie Laban, playing the role as a modern-day Neville Chamberlain, wants all Kiwi’s to know “If we can get the many different religions in the same room and engage in dialogue that is of great benefit to both harmonious relations here and overseas”.

This has to be a piss-take?

I mean why not announce Labour Party support for New Zealand’s manned mission to Mars, rather than the ludicrous proposition different religions will get together on any subject, apart from tax exemption status?

Didn’t anyone in The New Zealand Labour Party, do history at school other than The Russia Revolution and Castro’s Cuba?

Does ‘planes flying into buildings’, not ring a bell with any of the Labour MP’s?

After hearing Winnie Laban’s noble ambitions, I’m sure the representatives from The N.Z Catholic Church, will listen and learn from other religions, in the same ‘inclusive’ fashion they have over the past centuries. Rome will change overnight.

The head of Scientology will learn heaps from The Bahia Faith, who will in-turn, simply ignore the murder of his faith that occurs at the hands of Muslims, & when he sits next to their rep, they'll cuddle one another.

Buddhist’s at his meetings will be accept graciously, the fact The Baptists think he and his ilk, will burn in hell.

It will be one big happy family, thanks to Willie (or is ir Winnie?) and the idealists at Labour Party H.Q.

Your bill is in the mail.

PS: Being such a politically correct bunch, the good-people at The Labour Party, got The Satanists to do ‘The Interfaith Theme Song’ you see below. I rather like it, catchy lyrics.

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