Monday, March 30, 2009

It’s time for Atheist Only Airline.

On the 6th August 2005, a twin-engined Tuninter ATR-72 turboprop aeroplane was flying from the Italian city of Bari to the Tunisia when it ran out of fuel and came down in the sea some 13km off the northern coast of Sicily.

It was later discovered the accident was caused by a faulty fuel-gauge.

Out of the total of 35 passengers and five crew on board, 21 survived. Many had to swim for their lives, while others clung on to floating pieces of the fuselage (above).

Included amongst the survivors was the Tunisian pilot Chafik Garbi, who was found guilty last-week on 14 counts manslaughter, by an Italian Court.

He was jailed for 10 years.

Instead of taking the necessary emergency procedures to save the aircraft, including the decision to land at sea when two airstrips were available, Garbi opted to pray & little else.

The last five minutes of the cockpit voice recorder audio were littered with religiously oriented interjections such as "Allah save us!", as air-traffic-controllers futilely tried to stop the panicked pilot ditching at sea.

Evidently Allah heard his prayers, but not those of the 14 who drowned.

Open-Letter to celebrity-atheist Richard Branson.

Dear Sir,

Have you ever thought of an atheist only airline?

With the danger these religious nut-cases pose, plus the related security costs - surely this is an idea, that has come of age?

I look forward to your approval, and ticket for the inaugural flight, along with a dishy hostess thrown-in for good measure.

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