Thursday, March 19, 2009

“Hello is that you God?”

Let’s say for purposes of this article , we all agree there are supernatural beings who communicate with humans, putting aside for one second the other daily tasks they undertake, like curing cancer, plagues of locusts etc.

So let’s focus on the ability of humans and supernatural being(s) to communicate with one another.

The human part of the communication process is, more often or not, called a prayer.

So where do these spoken or mental prayers go to?

What happens if Satan intercepts a message to Jehovah and replies maliciously instead?

How would we know if all the Muslim prayers are ending-up with Thor, who simply ‘hangs-up’ every-time one appears, sick & tied of all those friggin’ wrong numbers?

So how can believers be 100% sure their prayers make it through to the intended recipient?

Are there billions of ‘homeless prayers’ aimlessly wandering the telepathic dimension?

Let’s face it every White Pages is full of Mr & Mrs God’s.

And then, we need to also look at how we can be sure, supernatural Gods ‘speak’ back.

If they can, is there a chance you can get sent the wrong message?

Dare I suggest, unspoken mental messages are often lost on the way back to the recipient’s magical ‘cranial receiving station’?

When prayers are not answered - it is therefore simply a communications issue, rather than a lack of empathy?

If we forget to say “please” or adulate too little on how great ones chosen God is, will this impinge on the success one has?

Does one simply keep using the same lame ‘pick-up’ line or try a different tact, like swearing or demanding in a loud voice?

Should someone ailing in hospital and failing to get any success with their chosen entity metaphorically, hang-up the phone and try calling another God?

The equivalent of having ‘a God on the side’ or getting a new cell-phone company.

Can someone please explain this messy conundrum?

I find myself reaching for the Panadol in my desk, even trying to contemplate it.

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