Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Amanda Guglielmucci really knew?

My Kiwi compatriots across at ‘Servants Thoughts’, have been waxing lyrically about the strength of an ‘amazing woman’, one who may become ‘an unsung hero’ in the method of her handling family tragedy.

And as if that was not enough Christian love gushing for one day, they want her ‘family speak to your name as a name of honour for generations to come’. Bucket please, I’m going to be sick.

In case you were wondering, the individual these apologists refer to, is none other than Amanda Guglielmucci, loving wife to that loser Pastor Michael.

Here’s their wedding day photo.

How romantic, I wonder what Church they got married at? Dad’s, may be?

"I was the first one he told, he confessed everything to me," Mrs Guglielmucci told the Adelaide Now newspaper.

"He just went through it – where it had started, everything in his life as a young kid, the patterns. He was crying, sobbing actually, absolutely sobbing, he just said `I don't have cancer'.

The Adelaide Now article continues.

Mrs Guglielmucci said she understood people struggled to believe she could not have known her husband was faking his illness. However, she maintained his real symptoms – vomiting, hair loss and apparent pain – never gave her reason to suspect otherwise.

"I never questioned it, when you love someone you trust them. I had no reason not to trust him," she said.

"Perhaps I feel a little bit foolish in this, hindsight's a fabulous thing . . . but I'm trying not to beat myself up.".

Well boo hoo hoo Amanda , I’m looking for a handkerchief right now, such is my heart-felt sympathy at your plight.

So let me ‘back the truck up’ here a moment, and deal with what is in the public domain, so we can better evaluate Amanda’s role in this sordid affair. Let’s measure the statements versus the facts.


Amanda, claims in the same Newspaper interview, the first she knew about her husbands obsession with porn, was during his tearful confession, 3 weeks ago.

You have to wonder about the veracity of these claims that she didn’t know her hubby was so heavily into porn.

What about those hours spent in the study on the Internet? That desire to have you dress-up in PVC and undertake position 241 from the Kama Sutra?

Apparently, no alarm bells rang and evidently she wasn’t on speaking terms with her parents-in law, who did know about their sons addiction.


In my opinion, this position alone stretches her credibility to breaking point.

Not only had her husband claimed to have a cancer of the blood and had just 9 months to live (that was 18 months ago, by the way), he’d also made claims at one point of another, he was/had suffered from:

- Glandular Fever
- Brain Tumor & Blood Clot (also in the brain)
- Burst Ear Drum
- Broken leg, two broken arms,two broken hips, eight bones in the back, numerous ribs
- Another form of cancer called Multiple Myelomas (Footnote: if you are going to make false claims you have cancer and you’re in your twenties, don’t pick this one. It’s usually reserved for men over 70)

So let’s say you believe her when she say’s she witnessed his vomiting symptoms.

So what?

Clearly the guy wasn’t losing weight, indeed the aged photos of Pastor Michael show the guy had put on weight around the middle.

If anyone would know his hair-loss was courtesy of Bic not chemo, it was her.

It may have been possible to feign vomiting, but how do you reconcile weight gain and a malicious form of cancer?

Moving from this, how does one pretend they have a broken leg or a broken hip, and indeed how do you hide these facts not only from large audiences, but also someone you are naked in bed with!?

It’s clear from this long list of fake ailments Amanda must have known for some time her hubby was suffering major psychological issues, amongst them severe hypochondria, and it can’t frankly have been a big surprise to learn his 2nd bout with cancer was factious, given he’d made numerous & continued false medical claims before, including a brain tumor, 34 varying broken bones etc.

Rather than simply micro-waving wheat-bags to numb Michael’s pain, why didn’t Amanda administer the drugs prescribed by his doctors instead? Surely, this is what any normal adult would do if they were in the same position? But there’s one problem with logic like this. There were no pain-killing drugs!

She would like us to believe, instead, that she was blinded by love "I never questioned it, when you love someone you trust them. I had no reason not to trust him,"

This position may get you a ‘six figure’ article in The Australian Woman's Weekly Amanda, but it won’t stand the rigours of closer examination when others, not just me, start asking about all the other ailments Michael claimed he’d been suffering, that simply went unobserved, by you, the closest person in his life.


It is not reasonable to accept anyone, would all but abandon their partner to cancer, and not be there bedside at least for part of for their treatment, nor for that matter take any direct interest in what the doctors have to say regarding the prognosis.

Especially someone who claims to be so ‘in luv’ like Mrs Guglielmucci.

Have you every heard of this happening before, where a partner is left so completely in the dark over the fate of their love one?

Why were there no suspicions raised when Hospital letters/reports failed to materialise in the mail?

No Chemists scripts issued, no accounts for on-going treatment and drugs came on bank statements?

What did Amanda do after dropping her husband off at the hospital for Chemotherapy - shoot off into town to Myers for some ‘retail therapy’?

Were the magazines on offer at the Doctors Offices so interesting, she wasn’t able to progress from reception to any of the actual consultations?

How could any one believe the scenario painted by her, that she simply believed her husband, and never questioned further, never once decided to be at his side at the Hospital, never worried about the lack of corroborative evidence of this illness like appointment letters, drugs etc, never once employing some initiative and calling the Doctors etc?

Naivety doesn’t cut-it, does it?

Two minutes on google or a quick look through The White Pages, would have given Mrs G enough detail to have major concerns over what she was being ‘feed’. The Doctors involved in the so-called treatment, being but figments of her husbands furtive imagination.

This situation could simply be down to the fact she knew this was another of Michael’s phantom ailments & she played along with his charade, pandering like many others, to her husbands psychological needs?

So in summary, people will be believe what they want to believe.

Amanda will get her sob story published in the woman’s tabloids, and she’ll continue to paint herself as a victim and Christian apologists will pray for her and her hubby and ignore the ‘real story’.

Greed and blind ignorance.

Amanda's knows full well "where her bread is buttered".

To close, my opinion on Amanda, and her role in this whole sickening affair I employ the words of Johnny Rotten.

Enjoy the clip.

PS: For some more great blogging on this issue go on to Tanya Alvein's site.


Gavin said...

Hi Paul,

You might also be interested in seeing Lance's blog, it's also chock-full of good articles.



tony said...

Mike Guglielmucci's parents did not know of his porn addiction until he confessed this and his cancer fraud to them and so to, neither did Amanda Guglielmucci. This is no foot-hole in some scheme put together by Amanda to make herself look good- she, more personally than us all, knows the consequences of dishonesty and thus I do not believe that she would be embellishing the story she tells. Would she really- in a widely publicized statement- commit herself to such an act as seeing her husband through a complete loss of support, friendship, job, money and reputation to make herself look good or to earn money? Think about what she has got herself into- this is no easy task ahead of her… therefore no superficial ambition or desire would justify the making of this decision to stand by Mike.
This whole situation shows that what is done in secret will with time be revealed in public... following the events of the past few weeks, Amanda would be the first to know this…
I believe that all the lies are out in the open now- if there were more hiding in Mike Guglielmucci’s closet there would be no reason to keep them there- hasn’t his reputation already been blown? Why would he or his wife keep another secret which would once more cause them to be shamed and tested in front of and by the world ten years down the track when it is exposed?
I think that people who don’t know this couple or their family or friends don’t have the authority or evidence to make claims in regard to their personal life and their inner motives. 100's of bloggers are reading the same 10 quotes from Amanda Gugliemucci, Mike Guglielmucci and Danny Guglielmucci and then making huge assumptions based on these statements and heralding them as the truth. I know just about as much of you from this blog as you could learn about this family from the statements they have offered to the media. And that is not much at all. In light of that… why do we waste our time making assumptions about people we have never met and trying to convince the rest of the world of the validity of our assumptions (which somewhere along the line in the process of our blogging seem to transform into truths that we’d lay down our very lives for)?
To be completely honest- we don’t know what is going through Mike or Amanda’s minds or hearts….. and so unless one of us plans to make a trip to Adelaide and talk to them and at the same time use our telepathic powers to find out the truth of the matter…. We are wasting our time. These things will be revealed with time- either in this life or the one to come.. but in the meantime let’s concentrate on ourselves for a moment and make sure that we are being completely honest with who we are and what we are doing with our life and where our life is headed….
Because in the long run- no matter how many blogs we write investigating the lives, actions and motives of the Guglielmuccis- if we don’t do the same for our own life- we’ve stuffed up big time. The good thing is.. there are no assumptions with ourselves. We can't fool ourselves.. We can't be a fraud to ourselves. We know who we are and why we do things and that scares us so much that it is easier to deal with someone else's why's and who's than our own. And thus.. the world of anonymous internet blogging was created.

Anonymous said...

It does seem to boggle the mind that his wife wouldn't know, but I wouldn't assume she is lying. She might just be very naive and a little stupid.

I love the quote "Don't attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity"

Jennexk1227 said...

You'll never know, will you (to ur speculation on ur assumption?) Dont spend ur time on this cause it does not concern you. God Loves everyone! Again- God loves everyone. Say this over and over again, and maybe you'll find real truth in this absolute truth- God Loves everyone, even you too.

Benjamin said...

Maybe also ponder the other similar scenario's in which a similar situation happens. People hide things, especially husbands and the people that trust them do exactly just that. There are numerous stories of people hiding major secrets from the people who are close to them and so it successfully. Its easy to write a "black and white" synopses as above and come to a "compelling conclusion" but its just not a realistic or reliable way to do so. Not a very helpful post I'm sorry. Try imagine this happening to a close friend of yours. Then approach it.

Satesh Reuban said...

...something different about the planetshakers song composer..he must get out of it..God probably likes him...

Satesh Reuban said...

...something different about him...he must get out of it...God would probably like him through making people know the truth about him..

Mandi Moseley said...

It's easy to speak so harshly when you're sitting at your computer all alone. You actually made me feel bad for this family - maybe that was an irony you were going for? Yikes.