Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pastor Michael Guglielmucci is a C*nt

The very thought of someone ‘claiming’ to have cancer in order to solicit support stirs me to the core.

My father died of lung cancer.

I’ve lost three close friends to this, one of the cruelest of diseases.

Everyone reading this blog has suffered in some way it's ravages.

As a direct result of my own loses, I’ve been involved with raising funds for medical research, so a cure for this plague can be found in my lifetime, and thus relegate cancer to the annuals of small-pox etc.

The mere thought of someone trying to exploit sympathy from, that destroyer of lives, ‘cancer’, is enough to make me want to puke.

However abhorrent the concept is, sadly ‘low life’s’ are out there & they come in many guises.

Pastor Michael Guglielmucci had been based in Sydney with The Edge Church ( a.k. a The Hillsong Church & part of The Assemblies of God network , familiar to many ) Over the years Michael's parents have made regular evangelistic trips across this side of the Tasman, and he himself was lead speaker at The Breakthrough Youth Conference held in Whangarei just two months ago. His key-note speech was all about 'following your dreams'.

It’s him on the You Tube video song ‘Healer’ you’ve just watched, a song which become an anthem of faith for believers, many of whom are suffering their own illness and were ironically also praying for a miracle for Mr Guglielmucci, who has claimed for two years to be terminally ill.

Yes, that’s an oxygen tube in his nose, and those tears wept by his audience are real.

Until recently Pastor Michaels band ‘Planetshakers’ could be heard regularly on Radio Rhema.

As you would have guessed already from the tone of my introduction, Guglielmucci Jnr was duping everyone.

His church issued this conciliatory statement as if to admonish this sick creep: “Michael has confirmed that he is not suffering with a terminal illness and is seeking professional help in Adelaide with the support of his family. We are asking our church to pray for the Guglielmucci family during this difficult time."

Since it’s daddy who run’s the Hillsong Church, they are hardly going to excommunicate him are they?

Well, fuck you Pastor Michael Guglielmucci - you pathetic piece of shit.

Fuck you The Assemblies of God Church & Hillsong Church for harboring this sick c*nt ( c*nt was the harshest word I could employ, yet barely touches the surface of this deliberate & despicable act by this duplicitous rouge) and your ‘crocodile tears’.

What about feeling sorry for the sods he gave false hope to first?

But that's not how Christianity works, it's not the real world where people hurt other people are punished accordingly. There are no such thing as bad people, only forgiven. Sympathy is automatic, of right, not justified.

Accountability in the 'eyes of believers'?


Fuck everyone at Christian Resources, N.Z Worship Resources, Oasis and Christian Bookstore Ltd, here in New Zealand, who still sell see fit to sell this c*nts, music in order to line their own pockets.

Judgement Day is now Pastor Michael Guglielmucci, not when the God and those folk you exploited for both your own emotional and financial gain, think.

I want everyone in the world make the name Michael Guglielmucci synonymous with the word c*nt.

I and many other will never forgive, nor turn a blind-eye to your self-serving actions.

There will never be redemption Pastor Micheal Guglielmucci not for you, not for the church who chose to offer him sanctuary, not for The Christian money-makers who still to this day callously exploit your lyrics and give false hope to the most vunerable.

Say after me: "Michael Guglielmucci is a c*nt".

Footnote: It is not normally my style to use profanities, but as you’ll have read, cancer is rather an emotive & ‘touchy’ subject with me. I make no apologies for this language. It is more than justified in terms of this creep, and frankly had more colourful vernacular been at my disposal, you can bet your boots, I would have used that also. A spade is a spade.


Philip said...

Just a few things i want to note:
1. The Edge Church isnt Hillsong
2. Planetshakers isn't Mike's band, its Planetshakers church band
3. I'll still listen to songs written by him, so i hope that "The Christian money-makers who still to this day callously exploit your lyrics and give false hope to the most vunerable" will keep distributing this music in NZ

Protium said...

Michael Guglielmucci is a c*nt..

It is certainly a despicable act.

HolySpiritChat said...

I'm sorry to hear you lost your father and close friends to cancer. It must still hurt a lot.

TobyRicketts said...

true that

tanya levin said...

Rock On!!!
Thanks for your post!!
Apparently youre just bitter nasty and unforgiving like me.
Nice to have a twin.
Couldn't have put it better myself

Sarah said...

Not saying what he did wasn’t wrong, it was and he should face the consequences for his actions but publicly ripping him to shreds isn’t going to do anything or prove anything.

And why should we not pray for him, its not like you can only pray for one person at a time, we can pray for him and for all the other people out there who are sick, God doesn’t just hear the prayers for one person he hears them for every single person.

Other thing is false hope? yes what he did was wrong, but there is no denying that the hope he gave was not false at all, that song and all the work he has done has helped many people, just cause he is living in sin doesn’t mean God is not going to use the good he is doing and help people through it, i heard him this year at Hillsong and what he said was so amazing and changed my mind set on situations and really helped me, do i think now oh that cant be true no cause he lied about the illness NO, of course not just cause he is sick, doesn’t mean what he said wasn’t good, doesn’t mean that the song is not anointed, God will anointed everything people are doing for him, he will not allow the sins of one man effect the message he wants to bring to us.

David in the bible slept with a married women then he sent the husband to be front line at war so he would die. Yet we still read about him today and how mazing he is, yet he did such a terrible thing IT DOESN"T MATTER what your past or present is that doesn’t determine who you will be.

I say everyone keep praying for Michael during this time and afterwards that he doesn’t not fall back into it.

and everyone stop knocking Hillsong for this, they new as much as we did that Church does so much for us as Christians and to people all over the world, how dare people even say a bad word about them, this was not their fault at all.

Sundeia said...

I've just got a couple of questions for ya, if that's ok -

1. Do you believe that there are some 'sins' for which there is no redemption possible? What makes some 'sin' worse than others?

And 2. I'm also interested in the fact that you appear to be an Atheist, when and how did you come to this belief? :)

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hello there Sundeia,I do not believe in the concept of redemption in a biblical sense if this is what you are angling at. This would absolve the likes of Hitler, who could merely wash away his sins in the Fuehrer Bunker and be eternally forgiven – utterly ridiculous & nonsensical, unfair concept. In this case of Pastor Michael, redemption (secular definition only) can begin (a.) only when this creep says sorry to his victims (b.) He and his Church returns all they money they took under false duress (c.) he fronts-up to The Police and faces a trial of his peers. This is unlikely to happen. My own thoughts on Christian Justice are outlined on the blog I did entitled ‘Shoplifter Sentenced to Death’. I think people should be judged by their actions, not their beliefs. Pastors can still be c*nts, some people are not worth saving or for that matter praying for. My beliefs are my own – a novel concept, but one which we Atheists are able to indulge in along with an appreciation of classic Greco-Roman laws/morals/Gods (from which Christian law-makers plagiarised key-elements)
PS: Very astute to pick-up this is an Atheist Blog.

Sundeia said...

Hi Canterbury Athiests,

I just came across your response to my reply, I'm sorry that I didn't notice it at the time. I'd like to respond as I find your thinking interesting, (everyone thinks for themselves imo, just some people choose to believe that the Bible is Truth, but that doesn't stop us from free-thinking and creativity at all) - but first I just wonder if you're still there? As it was about 3 years ago...

Will wait for your reply :-)

Canterbury Atheists said...

Nah, I closed the placed down 6 months whilst I undertake other projects. It's time-consuming and stressful being a serial killer.