Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pastor Michael Guglielmucci & The Planetshakers Latest Single!

Christian teens were left surprised & bemused when headline act Planetshakers, took stage at the Adelaide leg of the evangelical ‘Rock Across Australia Tour’ concert last night. The band, headed by the disgraced former Pastor Michael Guglielmucci, stunned the crowd with their provocative stage presence and anti-religious stance. Guglielmucci (who now uses the stage name Beelzegug) managed only one song of their planned routine, a debut single called ‘The Devil Made Me Do It!’, and announced to the crowd the re-branded band would have an album out shortly entitled ‘Terminal Illusions’. “The tills are ringing again m*ther-f**ers” screamed Beelzegug, before the controversial group was quickly pulled from the stage by concert officials, who were caught unaware by the transformed ‘Planetshakers’, previously best known for their heart-tugging single ‘Healer’. The father of Guglielmucci (a.k.a Beelzegug) and head of the Edge Church International, Danny Guglielmucci, issued a statement in which he claimed his son "has been battling a major addiction to the T.V soap opera Home & Away since aged six" and asked for the public to "pray for Michaels recovery".

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