Sunday, August 3, 2008

Presenting The Worlds One & Only Atheist Music Blog

Music, particularly music of the alternative kind, has always been of interest to me.

I’ve always been drawn to bands who ‘have a message’ in their lyrics.

More so, when that message is: there are no gods.

And when ever I’ve come across lyrics of the anti-theist or pro-science kind, I’ve taken a note of that song.

This list of atheist songs has grown to 1,000 plus.

It’s got to be the largest collection on the planet Earth, all made by God in a mere six days (proudly thumps chest in primitive act of defiance)

It’s now time to publish this list for the benefit of all bipedal primates.

So enjoy my new baby:


Proudly made in New Zealand, and awaiting your contribution.

Go Neil!

"Today I am still disconnected"
"To the face that I saw in the clouds"

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