Saturday, May 3, 2008

Out of Friar Pan and into the fire

Is that camouflage green he's wearing?

New Zealand First has highlighted the alleged involvement of Dominican Friar Peter Murnane (left) in the Waihopai spy base attack and suggested “this should send shivers up the spine of every security conscious New Zealander”.

As New Zealand First point out, it was Father Murnane, one of the three accused terrorists (oops activists), that sheltered Algerian man Ahmed Zaoui after he was released from custody.

Ahmed Zaoui was clearly a risk to the security of New Zealand when he arrived in 2002 under a false passport, and was rightfully imprisoned till his status was clarified. Courts in both a France & Belgium convicted him in absenteeism on charges of taking part in a criminal group with a view to preparing terrorist acts.

In 2004 Zaoui was bailed and left into the care of Catholic community's Dominican Priory in Auckland.

This time-frame is important, as in 2003 it was Murnane who split his blood at the feet of the U.S consulate-general in an anti-American protest against the Iraq war.

This was the very same guy entrusted to check Zaoui kept to his bail conditions after being released from prison in 2004.

Here’s the statement Murnane and his fellow protester issued at the time.

In other words no lesser state functionary than The New Zealand Supreme Court, gives a known anti-American protester, the responsibility to be public’s guardian over a suspected Islamic terrorist!

If only Gilbert and Sullivan were about today, they would have enough material here to script something into a fine comic opera.

Murnane reclines in a camouflage green smoking jacket in front of the large priory fire, and passionately discusses the down-fall of ‘the great Satan’ with his grinning refugee guest, fresh from his game of celebrity football with Dave Dobbyn.

MP Ron Mark got it dead right again when he says “there appears to be a fifth column of local activists and they should take a long hard look at themselves and their strange set of values”.

“We were always opposed to Ahmed Zaoui being allowed to remain in New Zealand and being placed in the care of a religious sect,”

Ron Mark’s is clearly a politician who sees this for what it is, and is brave enough to say so.

Mark’s says “it will be interesting to see if the justice system makes the three who have been charged over the attack, pay for the damage that was done”.

Sorry Ron, it’ll be the muggin’s tax-payer who’ll pick up the bill in Waihopai.

The same way they paid for Zaoui’s legal aid (last total in excess of 2.5 million)

It may be an opportune time to remind Marks that even with the down turn in the market, The Dominican Priory still sit’s on lovely piece of real-estate.

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