Sunday, May 4, 2008

Honour Thy Children: Christchurch Church helps convicted Child Killers attempts to keep her new born

A Christchurch woman who was found guilty of helping to torture her two-year-old daughter to death in 1992 has had another baby.

Tania Witika was sentenced to 16 years in prison after her baby, Delcelia, was found lying dead in a pool of blood, faeces and urine, while she and the baby's stepfather, Eddie Smith, were out partying at a friend's place in South Auckland.

The toddler had been badly burned after being put in a bath of hot water. Hit so hard that her appendix burst. Had her jaw broken. Her blood was splattered on walls and carpets.

What sort of sick individual could do this to a two year old toddler?

Facing a long jail sentence, Witika claimed she was not responsible for her actions due to 'battered-woman's-syndrome', claiming that Smith would beat her whenever she tried to help Delcelia. But her defence was ignored by the jury when evidence was shown at her trial she had kept notes about her sexual gratification and role in the physical abuse of Delcelia.

“With him I can reach a fantastic orgasm that I could never, or even thought of reaching."

Her own perverted pleasures were paramount over the torment of her own young child.

A home video taken on the day Delcelia died was shown to the jury. The video showed Witika happy, smiling and enjoying herself with Smith. Witika claimed she had gone partying with Smith while Delcelia was dying because Smith had threatened to 'waste her' with a steel bar.
Medical evidence showed gouges in Delcelia's chin were made by a woman.

Witika clearly has psychological issues.

It is therefore hardly surprising Child, Youth and Family (CYF) recognised the threat she posed to children & obtained custody of the unborn baby when it heard Witika, now using the surname Hopping, was pregnant.

On the 29th April, Witika gave birth to that child, another girl.

Literally at the birthing bedside were her new support group: The Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship.

Yes, praise the lord, Tania Gaye Witika has found god!

And whilst the majority of New Zealanders applauded CYF initiative to take custody of the child (I say they should have taken the opportunity to tie her tubes at the same time) supporters from The Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship argued instead for Witika to remain the guardian.

When The Christchurch Press Newspaper (03/05/2008) asked her supporters about the position they were taking in this custody issue, they remained tight-lipped, some what embarrassed no doubt, their stand on behalf of a convicted child killer was out in the public domain.

If the The Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship took their ‘god goggles’ off for just five minutes, they would see that ‘finding Jesus’ is not a prerequisite to ensuring the new child’s safety.

The Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship can never be around Witika or her baby 24 hours of the day, or when say she get’s home drunk after hard night partying.

Would members of The Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship be happy to leave their own children in Witika’s care if they went away on holiday?

Witika (a.k.a Hopping ) still poses a major threat to children irrespective of her new found support group and their superstitious beliefs.

I leave you with some strangely ironic quotes (below) from The Grace Vineyard Christian Centres web site.

Think about the life poor Delcelia endured as you read them.

"It is important for us to speak the truth, deal honestly and live uprightly"

"We want to enable and support mature relationships and family growth"

"Our job is not to succeed but to be obedient to God's calling and principles and allow Him to produce the outcomes according to His perfect will."


Anonymous said...

The Mercy of God
We believe mercy is fundamental to all that God does in salvation. Therefore, we aim to extend mercy to one another and to all to whom we minister.

You forgot some of the other comments on the blog that may be helpful in providing a fuller picture of why the church would support this woman...when presenting an argument such as yours it is good to present both sides. Otherwise, when opposing evidence is found, your argument becomes invalid. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Tania Witika your an evil cunt ur gonna burn in hell you cruel bitch for what you did to your daughter! How your still alive and breathing is beyond me, id easily put a bullet through your head you fuking demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As I listened on the radio today about the torture and death of a wee Australian boy memories came to mind of the torture and death of Delcelia Witika and others like her. And what did the two dregs of society get for their crimes, 16 years. What they should have got in a just society was life or as in other countries tortured then hung.People like Witika and Smith have no place whatsoever in society. There only contribution so far has been and no doubt will always be complete dysfunctionalism at gutter level. Then of course we have Child Youth and Family, who are more concerned at keeping families together and adhering to political correctness despite what is clearly staring them in the face. I suggest they undertake the role they claim to be so passionate about with basic common sense insight and a conscience the latter being too late when a child is dead. Afterwards of course we have to stomach the excuses and how things will be done differently next time.Then of course the Law in NZ places little value on our abused and murdered children. So what does this say for those adults in power who are supposed to be educated upstanding citizens. Our decision makers -NOTHING. Infact it is quite frightening for the ordinary person who wants to make a difference but is not in a position to do so. Our children are quite frankly being sacraficed by the very people from the ground level up who are meant to protect them. NZ has become an experimental country in which policies on human welfare are twisted and turned to suit the moment. And last but not least when religious groups show support for heinous crimminals such as Smith and Witika the message here is forgiveness. Crimes such as theirs are unforgiveable. Bottom line is there is no excuse for child abuse. And shame on anyone who thinks there is. May Smith and Witika and others like them rot in hell.