Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Celibate? You can't give it away!

Attention males, given a choice between (a.) receiving a million bucks for being chemically castrated (b.) continuing a have a sex life. What would you favour?

Ask this question to any guy wandering this planet, and apart from those living in abject poverty and those aged 90 plus - the almost universal answer would be B.

Biologically men are designed to breed, slaves to millions of years of evolution.

Nothing can stop this genetic driving force & the irrepressible power of sex within males.

But some try, and 'they' it seems, are fighting a losing battle.

One of these is the 300 year old Catholic order:
De La Salle.

It appears (Christchurch Press 21/05/08) the New Zealand branch of De La Salle brotherhood is battling dwindling numbers.

One of the major tenants of The De La Selle brothers is lifelong vow of celibacy.

De La Salle spokesman Brother Mark McKeon is quoted as stating the obvious, which is “While a life in the church might not be for everyone, it offered a satisfying alternative for some Catholic men”.

By ‘some’ I gather he’s referring to the rare male who would choose chemical castration given the above options(?).

And in terms of satisfaction – they don’t come any better than ‘a great shag’, a fact lost on Brother McKeon but not on the twenty year olds they wish to entice into a life without sex.

Fighting a rear guard action and the very foundations of human sexuality the brotherhood have launched a website that claims to provide ‘intimate details of their previously private world’.

This isn’t obviously intimacy the rest of society enjoys and for this very reason, and unless the brotherhood can come up with a latter-day Moses, the tides are coming in and the De La Selles sand-castle is about to vanish into the secular sea.

To see if you are suited to a ‘life of faith’ why not complete the De La Salles
‘Test’ [click and see how you go]

My test results were:

You’re a positive and happy person to be around. Popular with your friends, you’re not afraid to accept the challenge to be a leader when necessary. You’re hungry for new experiences and excited about the future. You’re committed to making a difference to those less fortunate. You’re seeking a bigger life full of purpose and meaning - a life less ordinary. Being a Brother isn’t for everyone. Could it be for you?

I was about to post my Application, but I discovered in the ‘small print’ on the site, you’re not allowed to have kids. Bugger, and I’d just taken my first course of female hormones.

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Laurie said...

I took the test, and they seem to think I would make a good Brother, too. I'm a strong, positive leader who doesn't follow the herd. They didn't ask my sex...

Because the local public high schools were so bad, I actually sent my son to a high school run by the Brothers, and I don't think there were ever more than about four Brothers (and one nun) working there at any one time. Excellent teachers, but they weren't at all successful at converting my son.