Friday, May 16, 2008

Neighbours cross over religious cross

Damn Gerry Anderson was right!

Those evil Mysterons, have been sending their mind-bending rays to earth (where’s Captain Scarlet when you need him?) and we need to protect ourselves from their effects, before it’s too late.

Mankind is finally waking-up to the threat, starting in Mount Roskill, Auckland!

Fear not peoples of earth, the Gupta family has designed the following symbol, which when placed on a roof, wards away evil spirits and brings good-luck:

Hmmm, may be it's just me, but I think I may have seen that design some where else?

In a war film I saw or something? Death camps come to mind along with a dictator sporting a funny mustache?

Anyway, I’m pleased to indicate this ‘crocked cross upsetting the Auckland neighbours’ business has all been sorted, Captain Scarlett and Green are here to rescue us.

The Gupta family have bowed to pressure & replaced their religious symbol with one of my own design (my design commision invoice is in the mail)

Courtesy of The Canterbury Atheists, we now have:

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