Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brain Theft Auto – Christian Politician wants GTA4 Banned!

God’s watchdog, serial political party hopper, Gordon Copeland, wants to curb the rising tide of violence in New Zealand.

Copeland is quoted "Simply stated, it is time to reverse the tide of violence in New Zealand”. We have to have the courage somewhere, sometime, to say ‘no’ and I agree with Kiwi parents and the police, that this is not a bad place to start.".

And exactly where is Copeland’s starting point in reducing violent crime in New Zealand?

Fathers, becoming involved with their kids, perhaps?

Zero tolerance?

Nope, none of these tried and true methods, instead the panacea to reducing violence is (wait for it): ban video games!

Mind you we are not talking just any video games, specifically it happens to be the world’s most popular one.

The just released ‘Grand Theft Auto 4’ (GTA 4 to the cooler & younger amongst us)

For the record, my eldest lad has this game which he been playing every single spare moment over the last week (in between nihilistic acts, education, texting and sport)

So far he hasn’t joined The Russian Mafia, although after thinking about Copeland’s concerns, I felt it appropriate to confiscate the households Russian Dictionary and taken the ammunition clip off the children’s Kalashnikov’s (you can’t be too sure about these things you see) I also haven’t noticed any discernable change in his driving habits. He’s still far too a nervous driver to even contemplate stealing a car, and the Police could pursue and apprehend him comfortably, by bike.

All in all, he seems fairly balanced for a teen of his age and able to distinguish between the virtual world and the real world.

If Copeland is in the mood to ban & censor things (which his ‘lot’ always are) a great starting point would be say a book, that has resulted through-out history in it’s followers killing millions, slavery and persecution of Jews and Homosexuals on a mass scale.

Oh that’s right, this happens to be the very same book Copeland bases his life on. Silly ol' secular me.

Copeland is strangely silent on the soon to be released video game ‘Kingdom of the Heavens’. That game has a similar degree of violence to GTA 4 except the story line goes something like this: you are a Christian warrior sent to reclaim Jerusalem from the pagan hordes by butchering infidels by the ox cart load.

Funny, I can picture the whole Copeland family getting hours of enjoyment playing ‘Kingdom of the Heavens’.

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