Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bodybuilding IS Gay!

Try typing ‘Gay Bodybuilders’ into Google and see what you get? 

2,700,000 hits when I tried it and I urge you not to do an image search unless you are ‘that way’ inclined and way more liberal than me.   

There’s a reason for this strong link between homosexuality and bodybuilding.  

Let’s be brave enough to bow to genetics, Darwinism here. 

Gay men like looking at well-toned males in the same way straight guys like looking at nice chicks – preferably unclothed ones.  

But the catch is gay men like looking at over-muscled men way more than women.   

It is gay men who form the largest audience when it comes to perving at naked muscled men.  

There is a whole sector of the porn industry built around gay bodybuilders and nothing similar for hetrosexual bodybuilders for good reason.    

Women by in large want their ideal man toned, athletic – but not looking like the Michelin Man or a walking Graf Zeppelin. Females by-in-large don't hunt-out heterosexual bodybuilder porn.     

Most men who are jealous of finely tuned muscles on other men are homosexuals. 

So if you want gay guys to check you out, wanking off with your image in their sub-consciousness - doing bodybuilding is a sure method to achieving those goals.    

For getting chicks 'in the sack' it's mostly a lemon.   

Then there’s that nagging issue of bodybuilding practitioners checking-out other guys physiques as an essential part of their chosen sport (is sweating and flexing even a sport?) a practice most strictly heterosexual men would squirm at.    

Next try convincing myself and most blokes on the street, that wearing skimpy thong on stage where you prance around like a 6 year old rhythmic gymnast is little more than disturbing homoerotic behaviour?  

Chicks also find posing a disturbing 'latent' expression, not normal behaviour too.        

The only other activity I could think of, which when you think about it has symmetries with bodybuilding given its effeminate, aesthetic nature - is ballet. 

Both require mirrors as essential training equipment, you strut around on stage and the audience know all the males on are gay.  

If you are proud of your sexuality and want to flaunt it - then good on you – I don’t care if you are gay want to show your package in budgie-smugglers to other men, just preferably do it away from me.  
Don't hide in the closet, instead book a week or so on Mykonos amongst friends, act on those latent tendencies.    

Everyone knows the majority of body-builders are gay or bi so no one will be surprised when you come out of the closet, least of all your sham wife/girlfriend who has seen your browser history.  

By all means lift weights, gulp down protein shakes, swoon and sweat around in false tan  & swimsuits with other men with the same tendencies.

Rejoice in the sure knowledge other men wank over you, find you hot and you like them doing it.

Deep down inside you know bodybuilding is gay and  secretly you love it that way.

Don't you ducky?