Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A kilo is a kilo

A kilo is a kilo and that’s what drives airline profitability, the major cost running any airline being fuel. 
Samoan Air has introduced a policy to charge passengers by their weight - rather than under a normal fare – thus becoming the first airline to do so globally.
Passengers pay a price per kilogram they weigh, and the price varies according to the length of the route.  

Let’s hope other airlines throw-off their politically correct shackles and also introduce similar rating schedules which reflect the total weight carried on the flight i.e. passenger plus bags = X amount. 

Charging by weight is fair which-ever system airlines employ.  

Charging by size/volume is the norm when it comes to air-freighting goods.   

So no-one moans when someone gets charged less on 80 kilos of freight versus 130 kilos of freight, now do they?  

When I travelled to Europe last year with ‘my mrs’, between us our packs and combined blubber would have been less than 175 kilos.   

There would have been individuals on the flights plus their carrier-on luggage that weighed more than this.  

I would have no problem paying more than couple/bags on the same route that weighed less.   

Speaking about carrier on luggage – when the fuck do people need to carry so much?  

Are they expecting a hijacking?  

What the hell is inside their bloated carry-on bags?  

Twenty sets of underwear, ball gown, a large 18th century family bible as reading material?  

Now on to larger passengers = fatties. 

Seats on planes are largely uniform – one size fits all, this is a failing.  

We all know the global obesity problem exists so plonking a 150 kilogram person into a seat made for 90 kilos is a recipe for an unpleasant trip for the individual and his/her neighbours.  

That’s why once you get over a certain girth passengers should be made to buy two seats. 

A trip to Europe from New Zealand would go up by NZD 2,700 a great incentive for anyone to purchase a good pair of walking shoes six months in advance of their flights and improve their personal health at the same time.    

If that doesn’t sound fair for the 150 kilo person - is it fair for the poor people either side of them who have to endure their ‘spill-over’?  

Would the 150 kilo person want to sit next door to someone who also weighs similar?  

Placing all fat people together on flights irrespective of their travel partners would be one way to emphasis the way they inconvenience other passengers.   

Create a true cattle class.    

I live to see the day when a 160 kilo guy looks to his middle seat on a 12 hour flight to see on either side there’s a 140 kilo girl in the ailse seat and a 190 kg guy wedged into the window.   

Congratulations to Samoan Air.   

Other airlines take note.

PS: I’m away for two weeks shortly. Comments/Abuse cleared on my return




The Vicar said...

I'm surprised you're advocating this. Your ego and sense of entitlement are clearly so massive that you would never be able to fly again.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Sense of entitlement, that’s rich considering what you are advocating is a 150 kilo person automatically deserves to pay the same as someone for a flight who weighs 75kgs simply because they are from the same hominid species! I'm happy to pay more than someone who is lighter. The only ones who squeal about the prospect of fair airfares are fat bastards!