Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It’s the first week of April, winter sports starts on Saturday and it’s another balmy day in Christchurch - 21 degrees, t-shirt material.   

In fact we have had close to six months of summer here. 

I love it and I want to thank the countries like China, India and the United States of America for emitting so many CO2’s into the atmosphere.  

It’s thanks to your obstinacy Christchurch is bathed in glorious weather.  

Nor do I care a hell of a lot about the future of the planet. 

I will be long dead when and if the shit hits the fan, Christchurch becomes the Venice of the South.   

The hard reality of being a human-being is we mostly have an innate lack of empathy for others outside our immediate village.  

Ostensibly we leave our money and problems to our kids.   

In short: ‘why should this generation be the first one to care about the next?’  

Does anyone in Russia honestly care about New Zealand any more than we care about them?  

Have you run into anyone who has said “I worry about the future of my great grandkids”?   

The daily grind of earning enough money to eat, get shelter stymies empathy for most of the planets populous.  

They watch catastrophes from overseas on telly then switch over to The Simpsons muttering “I’m glad it didn’t happen here.”   

Only the rich, scientists and civil servants have the time to worry about global warming.   

India is building a coal-fired power station at rate of one a week yet New Zealand has enough coal for our own entire energy needs for at least three centuries and in a grand irony we can’t burn it here in commercial quantities but we can bulk export it so it can go up the chimney in China!    

Realistically what individual can do anything to stop weather change?   

Besides who would want to stop the weather getting better?  

Not me! 

I’m getting an old fridge and smashing it to release all that ‘goodness’ into the atmosphere.  

This songs sums up my position succinctly.  










Thesauros said...

Have you run into anyone who has said “I worry about the future of my great grandkids”?

Ya I do. For starters, my own grandparents who planted several hundred trees around our country home, "So our grandchildren can enjoy the beauty of God's creation."

If everyone in the world seems cold and heartless and self-centred to you, it's because you know too many atheists.

Canterbury Atheists said...

GREAT Grandchildren ARE beyond the scope of most peoples comprehension. Noble act by your grandparents but you are missing the point here which boils down to innate human psychology. The world will in part always be cold and heartless as long as humans roam the planet. If you want to live in a Christian paradise simply drive across the border to the U.S where you can enjoy a blissful life with like-minded folk. Detroit is very nice I understand, a quick jaunt across the border and 90% Christian, fuck all evil atheists. You’ll feel right at home Thesaurus, at night in particular.