Friday, April 26, 2013

Bars in Boston sold drinks called 'Car Bomb' and 'Kill a Brit'

Until Sept 11th (11/09 to 90 per of the planet) when it came to terrorism American was largely driven by political agendas and the belief it was exempt such attacks on its own soil.  

Then after Sept 11th the country mobilised and sort to take the war directly to those it felt threatened its safety. 

Largely the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security etc care little to nothing about say the war in Chechnya and the bombing campaign undertaken against Russians, because it wasn’t Americans getting their limbs blown off.   

They do take notice about home-grown terrorists, Al Qaeda etc but only because they posed a threat to Americans and not say New Zealanders.   

And when it comes to Americans funding terror campaigns overseas – hey no problem.  

The inconsistency of the U.S’s myopic policies on terrorism is starkly portrayed in its handling of the Irish Republican Army’s terror campaign of the British Isles (approx. 1971 to 2001)   

The U.S likes to portray Great Britain as an ally when it comes to both diplomacy and military intervention yet when it came to supporting the terrorist group IRA the U.S Government did little to nothing to stop its citizens arming the group.  

Indeed after Libya, Americans of Irish decent were the largest supporters of the IRA.

Bars in Boston use to sell drinks called 'Car Bomb' and 'Kill a Brit'.
You can still buy an Irish Car Bomb T-Shirt (per above)  

I wonder how those bar owners, patrons feel now after recent events?  

In another irony that hasn’t escaped me in 1988 six off-duty British soldiers were killed by an IRA bomb just after they had completed a half-marathon run for charity. 

Sound similar?   

So why doesn’t the U.S pursue its own citizens that funded, continue to fund terrorism?  

Act with a modicum of consistency? 

Clearly the U.S Government has the resources but not the will.  

Americans funding terrorist organisations is ‘hunky dory’ as long as the terrorism happens somewhere overseas where Americans don’t frequent.  

To this day Americans support ‘the real’ IRA.  


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Chris said...

I'm not a fan of America's inconsistent foreign policy. One reason why this is the case is that America is run by many competing political groups that either have different goals, or take different routes to achieve the same goals. The most consistent foreign policies typically come from authoritarian governments.