Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hello there citizens,

I have decided this blog ‘Canterbury Atheist’ has largely done its dash.

Articles will now fall to a trickle.

I will continue blogging in the New Year under a new alias but with a broader auspice and subject matter.

I am in the last throws of completing my first work of fiction – black comedy to be exact – now comes the giant hurdle of getting it published.

So it is writing of a more profitable kind I intend mostly pursuing – plus I’ve decided to make a short film of a futuristic nature.

Mind-you I have said this before and made a come-back from ‘the dead’ so who knows.

See you round.

Paul...vanishes into the ether in a puff of smoke.


Orion77 said...

Good luck Paul. The movie sounds intriguing, an update on that some time would be good and details of your new blog.

musicalchris said...

Sicko..deranged psychos like you should be seriously locked up!