Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The National Party Religious Right Flexes It’s Muscle

If you want to doom yourself to the political wastelands in this country – mention God and voters will run a mile.

Then ask Peter Dunne how hard it is to control the religious zealots in ones ranks.

The blinkered & superstitious M.P’s who vote for God before country and turn their backs on the very political-party they owe their livelihoods too, all to appease their invisible deity.

New Zealand voters learnt exactly what sort of ‘DNA’ makes-up The National Party last week when it’s ‘Christian’ M.P’s voted down legislation that would have meant more liberalised Easter Shopping.

These National members of parliament deliberately stepped away from the mainstream of their party and voted for their superstition first – party politics & their constituents second.

In other-words they spat in the faces of those that elected them thinking, wrongly as it turns-out, National was a pro-business, pro-choice party.

It’s not till you take a look at the backgrounds of these National MP’s that sided with Labour and Greens to see the Easter Shopping Legislation defeated you see why National has a mini-caucus that answers only to the God of The Old Testament and not to mortals.

MP’s that are happy to turn their backs on both the voters and the party they supposedly back and rode into power on.

BILL ENGLISH: Papist with eleven children.

ERIC ROY: Presbyterian Church Leader in the real world

JONATHAN YOUNG: Senior Minister of City Church in West Auckland

SAM LOTU LIGA: High-up in Penrose/Greenlane Christian Centre

TIM MACINDOE: Was the Deputy Head of Anglican Boys School

CHESTER BURROWS: Lay-Preacher on his days off

Someone else can expand on the religious affiliations of the other four National MP’s (Phil Heatley, Shane Arden, Katrina Shanks) who showed their ‘true colours.’ when it comes to matters of conscience.

Mark my words this won’t be the last time this ‘moral-minority’ will embarrass National and their voters.

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