Monday, December 21, 2009

New Zealand Football turns a blind-eye to Animal Sacrifice.

Using the backward reasoning of ‘when in Rome’ FIFA and the participant countries have all turned a blind-eye to the imminent slaughter of cows as a part of blessing ceremonies at each of South Africa’s stadia.

This is not a pleasant and humane method of slaughter for the poor cattle, sacrificed to appease the superstitious Zulu’s who seek the blessing of their dead relatives.

For those who are squeamish it may pay to give this You Tube video a miss.

For The South Africans who want to present their country and the continent in a new light these sacrifices will go to prove their detractors jibes about ‘primitive natives’ and bring in to focus their ability to host the worlds largest sporting event.

Justification’s that the inhumane slaughter of animals is part of African values and culture speaks volumes about these very values and culture.

One hopes The N.Z Football Association, who have so-far failed to say a word on this issue, will have the guts to speak-out against this mass animal abuse.

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