Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Religious Terrorists feed-on political-correctness.

Picture this there are ten rugby teams plus hangers-on from New Zealand about to board the plane ex Auckland to Los Angeles.

The share-size of the tour group means they take-up all but two seats in the aircraft.

The other two seats are taken by two male students aged 22 and 24 from The Middle East who have been studying in Auckland, and carry passports from Yemen.

So the numbers are: 550 Kiwi rugby tourists traveling AKL-LAX and two middle-eastern students.

Which group is it that poses a greater risk to the safety of this aircraft?

The answer is self-evident but deliberately ignored by every airline/government/security organisation in the world (excepting Israel who are ruthless in their role and care little what anyone thinks)

The fact remains terrorists are by-in-large easy to spot (a.) they are males under 40 years old (b.) they are Muslim (c.) they are itinerant and no longer live in their home countries.

So why not target these individuals?

After-all we all know how to identify 99% of them?

This process starts with looking at their backgrounds, before they even get on-board an aircraft.

The reason why aircraft safety is compromised and everyone is treated as a potential terrorist is ‘political correctness.’

Spineless Airlines and Governments in the west can not be seen to ‘target’ one set of people over-another.

They place political correctness ahead of passenger safety.

If more attention was being spent checking the backgrounds of religious terrorists and automatically examining every inch of the ‘high-risk’ group’s person/baggage – flights would be a hell of a lot safer.

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