Friday, December 18, 2009

New Zealand’s Christian Taliban demand their version of Christmas can be the only one!

Christmas is the one time of the year where you would anticipate all of Christianities variants would unite to celebrate the birth of their messiah – bury the hatchet.

But there has been few Christian good-tidings for St Michaels Anglican Church in Auckland over the festive season.

Recently they placed this risqué poster outside their church to simulate debate amongst all peoples about the story of Christ’s birth , including non-believers, or as Archdeacon Glynn Cardy put-it “We actually think God is about the power of love as shown in Jesus, which is something quite different than a literal man up in the sky,"

The archdeacon says the plan behind the billboard was to lampoon the literal interpretation of the Christmas conception story – and frankly they did a good job and get my congratulations on a great marketing job – it’s a winner.

However whilst atheists may have gotten a giggle out of this novel approach to ‘bring Christ back into Christmas’ – not so the fundamentalists in the Christian ranks.

And it doesn’t get any more fundamentalist in New Zealand than Family First and The Catholic Church.

Their followers and ilk have been stirred into action and in the ultimate act of Christian charity first vandalized and then ripped the poster down.

St Michaels office phone has forced to go straight to a message centre after be lambasted with abusive calls and threats.

The Police are now involved.

Like any good fundamentalists the Christian Taliban see themselves as ‘the true believers’ and ‘holders of the truth’ and will break the law, threaten and abuse those that stand in their way – even if their targets are the largest Christian denomination in New Zealand.

To interpret The Bible any other way than their own – is to quote several threats emailed to the church ‘blasphemy’.

Well here is my own Christmas message to the spokespeople of Family First and Catholic Church, Bob McCoskrie and Lyndsay Freer and those who wish to stifle freedom of speech.

“Who needs Atheist bus adverts when there are bigots like you doing the job for free?”

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