Monday, October 12, 2009

This Atheist Goddess can ride-on my Red Bus any-day

When I first spotted Richard Dawkins with this delectable piece of female flesh promoting the Atheist Bus Campaign in the U.K, my initial impression was she was in-on the photo-shoot as a piece of eye-candy.

Boy was I was wrong and way out-of-the-loop on this ("Geography is my only defense, your honour.")

The lady in the photo, Dawkins is clinging to, in a fatherly fashion of course, is none other than Ariane Sherin – the creator of the bus campaign!

Yes, it was Ariane’s idea.

Here’s a link to her blog – including details on her new book ‘The Atheists Guide to Christmas’.

More importantly, here’s more photo’s of this Uber Atheist Poster Girl.

Make that centre-fold (if I had my lewd way)

PS: If there is a slight-hint these writings are nothing-more than the sexist ramblings of a some-what sad middle-aged man, you are completely correct in your summation.

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