Friday, October 9, 2009

Let’s call an end to this Interfaith Crap!

From the outset let’s get this straight - the term ‘inter-faith’ is nothing of the sort.

The term is an oxymoron.

The fact Governments see the necessity to coerce the different religions around the one table in the first-place, is indicative enough of the fact ‘inter-faith’ is nothing but a shame & a total waste of tax-payers money (although great for MP’s frequent-flyer points)

No talk feast will ever change the theological chasm that separates religions as diverse, weird & wonderful as Scientology and Jesus Christ and The Later Day Saints.

Yes people, the New Zealand Government sees fit to invite even the followers of the intergalactic war-lord Xenu over for a chat-over tea and biscuits.

Politicians appear to be oblivious to the fact that every religious representative that sits down at that table in so-called ‘dialogue’ thinks they are right and the individual person next to them is totally wrong, and unless they come around to their way of thinking are doomed to some retribution in the afterlife.

Have they not observed Churches around the globe going out of their way to ignore human rights?

Shooting and bombing each other out of existence.

Do they not know ‘The War on Terror’ is but a politically-correct wank-term for a ‘War on Radical Religion’?

In a grand irony it is these very same Governments that organise these inter-faith bitch-sessions are the same-ones that go out of their way to pander to the varying superstitions, allowing them to engage in behaviour normally labeled sexist or homophobic under the guise of their beliefs, even supporting them to develop their own divisive schooling-systems which perpetrate the very issues these inter-faith meetings want to address.

So it is Governments themselves that have the power and tools to rid themselves of this perpetual war of beliefs that has spilt-over into secular life and now threatens us all.

Wiping-out religious privilege is the only cure – not talk-feasts in 5 star-hotels.

To take stock of the endemic level of bureaucratic brown-nosing when it comes to superstitious-entities, what better example than looking-at what our last Minister of so-called ‘Ethnic Affairs’ got up-to.

Between February and September last year as MP for that portfolio, Chris Carter attended in an official capacity the following long-list of pointless mumbo-jumbo meetings on behalf of you and me.

As a matter of public-safety I hope our very own ‘Captain Scarlett’ Chris Carter wore his public-service issue shiny tin-foil-hat to all of these equivalents of ‘entrails-throwing under a full-moon’ to protect him from the harmful-rays The Mysterons keep shooting at us from their base on Mars.

Frankly belief in concept of a race of little-green men (with/without puppet strings)on Mars has more credibility than ‘The Birth of Baba Deep Singh’.

So why do we pander to this farcical political-correct cobblers?

Birth of Baba Deep Singh Celebration
Chinese Consulate Chinese New Year Celebration (3 of these in-fact)
International Mother Language and Martyrs Day Celebrations
Meeting with NZ Buddhist Council
Year of the Rat New Year Festival
National Interfaith Forum
Dinner with Sikh Community Leaders
Holi Celebrations
International Convention on Basava Philosophy
Ministerial Meeting on Immigration Policy and Faith Leaders
Norouz Celebrations
Opening of Shree Dham Swaminarayan Temple
Takanini Gurdwara 3rd Anniversary
Visit to Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling Buddhist Centre, Kamo
2008 Buddha’s Day Multicultural Festival, Auckland
Fourth Asia-Pacific Regional Dialogue on Interfaith Co-operation for Peace and Harmony, Cambodia
Meeting with NZ Compassion Buddhist Trust
Meeting with Waikato Muslim Association, Hamilton
Songkran Festival, Auckland
Vaisakhi Celebration at Takanini Sikh Gurdwara
2008 Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony
Khalifat Day Celebrations
St Dionysius Indian Orthodox Church Fifth Anniversary
Visit to Al Madinah School
Visit to Zayed College for Girls
2008 Moon Festival Celebrations
Meeting with NZ Muslim Association

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Craig Evans said...

Well said - too much time and money spent on PC pandering. Put it toward scientific research