Monday, October 19, 2009

Lay-Preacher – now there’s an appropriate name if there ever was one

The disturbing and bizarre sex-life of a New Zealand lay-preacher, was exposed to public scrutiny in District Court dispositions last week.

The lay preacher, who also ironically moon-lighted as a marriage guidance counselor, is facing claims he sexually abused and stalked two of his ex-wives and a stepson.

The man, whose name, job and church role is suppressed for now, is now facing trial early next year on seven counts of sexual violation, six counts of indecent assault and 11 other charges relating to his former wives. There are also two indecency charges relating to his stepson.

The preacher claims all three aggrieved parties conspired together as part of a vendetta.

However The District Court said there was enough evidence for him to face trial.

His first wife told the court they began having marital problems due to his sexual demands and sort help with Church elders. At one of these meetings church elders basically rubber-stamped his desire for ‘sex on demand’ by telling her there was religious justification that "my body belonged to my husband".

In what must be one of the corniest demands for sex every presented to a court the first wife alleged her ex-husband propositions involved putting his hands on her and saying "Be healed in Jesus name." If sex did not result, he was alleged to have repeated the action until it did.

After separating, she claimed he apologised for the sexual assaults, saying his problem & justification stemmed from a sexual relationship with his mother as a teenager.

The second wife alleged that among the assaults she was raped in a spa pool in front of another family member.

Her son also claimed to be abused by the ‘man of God.’

Wife ‘two’ said she too went through the sham church-led marriage counselling, claiming she was told that if she refused her husband sex then he was free to perform a sex act with her against her will.

You can be sure there will be more sordid details to come-out next year when the full trial is set to start, along with the name of the dysfunctional church involved.


Iain said...

Oh dear, I hate this kind of nonsense.

And the conservative church types wonder why people call them patriarchal and support feminism? It's because douche-bags like this don't think that people should respect the person and autonomy of their wives! Marital rape? Yes, it's possible.

How about, I don't know, being the kind of man that actually deserves the love and respect of your wife first.

Gregoryno6 said...

What is it about men of the cloth and their wedding tackle? Why didn't they all become porn stars instead?

PS: I would vote in your stupidest followers poll but I can't find the option that says "Any and all of the above."

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hi there Iain,

Looking at your job specs I think this business about possible admission of physical relationship with his mother indicates there are ‘issues’ that will hopefully be explored by court appointed psychiatrists next year. What scares me is the endemic “Bible permits your man to shag you on demand” attitude from the church involved. The Victorian principals of lie-back and think of England.

Good hearing from you.


PS: I tried his pre-coital banter on my wife without success, perhaps you’ll have more luck?