Saturday, October 3, 2009

Desperate Diego dials D for Deity

The weight of expectation of a great foot-balling nation Argentina has clearly affected the already frail mental-health of its coach, South American legend, Diego Maradona.

Just four years ago he spent time in time in clinic treating his addictions to alcohol, smoking and excessive eating (the later issue resulted in a gastric by-pass)

In what is a veiled-admission “I’m not up the job” Maradona has sought divine intervention in an effort to improve his under-performing side's chances of reaching next year’s World Cup finals.

His team currently lies fifth in the continental group, one place below the final qualifying berth.

Grasping at straws Maradona is quoted telling an Argentinean radio-station “The bearded one (God) saved me many times before - and I hope he will do so this time”.

This of course isn’t the first time Maradona has sought and subsequently claimed his nameless Gods assistance.

The 1986 world champion famously dubbed in his first quarter-final goal in that year's competition the work of the “hand of God” after he punched the ball past Peter Shilton in the England goal.

In a nut-shell; he engineered the goal by cheating.

Argentina’s next ‘must-win’ game is at home against Peru, who sit bottom in the group, on October 13th.

I’m putting my money on a draw.

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