Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Letter to Mr G. Capill C/- Rolleston Prison

Dear Epitome of Virtue and Morals,

So Graham, earlier this week The Parole Board has turned-down your application for early release from ‘the clink’ starting you were “an undue risk to the safety of the community'', eh?

I guess with that denial, those applications to get your old jobs back as a Police Prosecutor & Christian College Minister – also went down the gurgler.

Far be it from me, the eptimone of the filthy secular heathen you rallied against on the outside, to point-out some of the reasons why the Parole Board may well have taken this dim-view on your ability to function as a normal human-being on the outside.

- May be it could have been those emails to friends saying that sex with one of your young victims was some-how consensual?

- They may well have spotted in your file how statements made to your Probation Officer shortly after your arrest in which you revealed those feelings of lust and excitement.

- Then again the board may also have seen that at the time of the original sentencing you offered little in terms of apologising to your victims and instead were more interested in saving your own skin - asking friends to pray for a lenient judge and prison term.

- Perhaps they took into account one of the victims was eight when you began abusing her?

But even pushing this ‘dirty washing’ to one side one moment, what you need to get your head-around Graham is The Parole Board doesn’t have the same decree of automatic forgiveness your God gives-to even the-lowest-of-the-low.

The heavenly ‘Get out of Jail Free Card’ thankfully doesn’t work when you put it on the mercenary table of The Parole Board.

In-fact it rather works against you, one thinks.

You are a profound embarrassment to all those that follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in New Zealand and at the same-time cut a hypocritical figure of derision to anyone else.

So basically: no one likes you.

But let’s stop going over stuff that is well versed, let’s try and move forward and not back.

In case your legal-team and your sycophantic supporters have missed-something, the elephant in the room, The Parole Board look at the rehabilitation of the individual during his/her time incarcerated.

The inmate’s contriteness, the ability to come to terms with their crimes.

On the last two points in respect of atonement – the ones that count - you have failed miserably.

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