Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Pope: Hangs Around in Women’s Clothing

You are wandering around town on a boy’s night out, when you venture in to a seedy bar, not the sort you’d normally frequent were you in a more sober state or on your lonesome. (we’ve all been there, so I know you will be sticking with me on this one)

However by this time, you’ve had a gut full of beer and are at that ‘past caring’ stage.

Despite your less than lucid condition, the first thing that strikes you upon arriving - is that weird old dude with ‘bags under his eyes’, leaning against the bar.

He’s wearing this strange red hat.

Aren’t those 'Wizard of Oz' women’s shoes, as well?

Then there’s the matter of the dress, and the over-sized
jewelry that would be the envy of any rap-music star.

And he’s adorning this ensemble proudly!

Here are the likely heterosexual ‘thought process’s’, in sequence (or should that be sequins given the subject matter in question?)

a.) This is a gay bar
b.) This guy is a raving queen
c.) I’m skulling this beer quickly, then I’m off

Given the same scenario here’s the likely homosexual ‘thought process’s’…..

a.) This classy old ‘big bear’ knows how to dress.
b.) He’s strangely familiar? Wasn’t he the producer of ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’?
c.) Yum, I wonder if he’s alone tonight?

Irrespective of your sexual orientation, no one would pick him as the world’s biggest homophobe, eh?

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Orion77 said...

Or a 4th reaction should not be completely ruled out.

d.) "Shit 2am!" "Bar-keep double scotch." "Damn the torpedo's!"