Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boobs Prove # 1 with Canterbury Men

Take a bow, the blokes of Canterbury.

Forget natural disasters, global financial meltdowns and psychopaths running amok – there’s one subject, and only one, that tops the list of what readers, of the online version of The Christchurch Press Newspaper want to view.

It’s breasts, of the female kind.

The top two viewed articles for 2008 were……..

1.) ALT T.V’s Topless newsreader, celebrity streaker, Lisa Lewis (pictured above)

2.) A topless women’s football team in Austria (below)

Coming in at number 4 was an article on Angela Jolie, again focusing on her chest area, & at 8 a competition to rank the sexiest female Olympian.

This fine indictment provides ample evidence men in Canterbury have what it takes, where it counts, comes the same week as Kiwi Porn King, Steve Crow announced he’s been forced to cancel further Boobs on Bikes & Sexpo’s up in Wellington.

It appears the pussy whipped males in ‘the capital’, can’t go to the fish n’ chip shop without a letter from their wives, let alone perv at siliconly enhanced females.

Crow needed 10,000 to break-even at this years ‘Erotica Lifestyle Expo’ in Wellington, but the grey shoes & brown-suited Wellingtonians, could only muster a paltry 6,000 – the first time a New Zealand show of this kind has lost money.

Rumour also has it, part of the problem is Wellington mums purchase love-toys, first for their educational value.

The pitiful crowd at the Wellington Sexpo was even 2,000 fewer than in Palmerston North – further evidence of the prudish nature of Wellingtonians and one of the many sociological down-sides of having too many public servants in such close proximity (lack of sporting prowess is another)

Wellington councillors suggest the miserable turn-out was because many couples we at a Le Leche Conference, held in the city the same weekend.

So hold you heads up high Canterbury men ( the plural head’s is not a spelling mistake either, you’ll need to be little creative when interpreting it)


Danny Boy said...

As much as I like reading your well written, witty posts, I'm really here for the titties! :)

Canterbury Atheists said...

Sorry Danny mate, hate to disappoint my readership.The boobs & godless market was already cornered by the Tails & Gills Blog.Check it out:
Cheers. Paul.