Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Nazi Analogy - The Final Pollution

As it happens, I frequent a far number of other blogs, on a casual basis, taking the appropriate proplactic precautions where necessary.

Initially I was bemused at the frequency of both articles & commentary containing an analogy about Nazi Germany out there in ‘blogger-land’. This bemusement has now turned to annoyance.

These Nazi analogies are especially popular on theist sites.

The subject could be something completely unrelated to Hitler or Germany under National Socialism, but you can bet your boots somewhere in the middle of the thread ‘bang’ a poster will link their position, or that of their target, to Nazi Germany.

From observation, there appears two main corollaries employed when positioning ‘Nazi Germany’ in to a debate:

1.) It is used to critisise & be-little a rivals position, along the lines of “that’s what the Nazis did”.

2.) Utilised to defend a position “we fought against this sort of stuff”.

It appears all heated arguments lead to Germany under Hitler & the posters believe the emotional & objectionable weight of this period is the ultimate condemnation on every subject under the sun.

A debaters ‘trump-card’, when all else fails.

If the Nazi’s favoured something it must be morally repugnant – end of story.

This is evil personified, the marker in the sand from which all other moral & ethical arguments are measured.

Am I the only one who can see the ridiculous & infantile nature, these continual references to Nazi Germany are?

- Hitler had a moustache, so by rights everyone else with a moustache must be a megalomaniac.

- The Nazi’s introduced a ‘Law for the Encouragement of Marriage’ in an effort to get more couples to marry and strengthen the family unit. Should we now counter this by supporting de-facto relationships and denounce marriage & the family as mere Nazi ideology?

- Hitler had a German Shepard dog called Blondie, so it follows all pet-owners are closet fascists and those with that breed of canine are storm-troopers planning secretly for the Fourth Reich. Debbie Harry modeled herself on Eva Braun.

- Nazi doctors were the first to link smoking to ill-health and run campaigns to reduce smoking. We need to disassociate ourselves completely from this terrible era & as soon as a child can walk it’s every parents duty to shove a cigarette their child’s gob and tell them they’ll live to 150.

- Hitler was a vegetarian, and one can see how his diet, lead directly to the Second World War.

- The soft drink Fanta is a product of Nazi Germany, and any child drinking more than two bottles daily over a prolonged period, will develop blue eyes.

- The Nazi' thought God was on their side, so God can't be trusted or he backed a loser.

Can you now see where these farcical 'guilt by association' arguements go?

No where!

Let’s make it our mission to cleanse (pun intended) blog sites of this ‘final pollution’.

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