Friday, December 26, 2008

Come share The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Delusion

David Berg (aka Moses David),Guru of the Children of God

Pat Robinson, T.V Evangelist

Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, leader of the Church Universal & Triumphant

Jehovah's Witnesses

Lee Jang Rim, leader of the Korean cult Mission for the Coming Days

Maria Devi Khrystos, leader of the Russian cult Great White Brotherhood

David Koresh, Branch Davidian

Heavens Gate Cult

John Wesley, Methodist Church founder

This eclectic bunch, shared one common belief.

So what is it, that links David Koresh to Joseph Smith?

It’s a delusional belief in a cataclysmic ‘end of times’ apocalypse.

And you can now add another name to this illustrious list……

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury.

For centuries the Catholic Church have been wheeling-out ‘more dead than alive’ dementia ridden, pontiffs - by the pope-mobile load.

It looks as if The Church of England is now challenging this dubious distinction, with it’s current head-honcho showing all the signs of early Alzheimer’s.

Here are some excerpts from yesterday’s rambling Christmas ‘dooms-day’ sermon from Rowan Williams………

“On the other side, after the end of the Cold War, some scholars were writing about the 'end of history', and an American President spoke of a 'new world order'.

“we've seen some of Barack Obama's advisers and colleagues warning about the level of messianic expectation loaded on to the President-elect”

“The gospel tells us something hard to hear - that there is not going to be a single charismatic leader or a dedicated political campaign or a war to end all wars that will bring the golden age; it tells us that history will end when God decides”

“It is not the restoring of a golden age, not even a return to the Garden of Eden; it is more – a new creation, a new horizon for us all”

“He is the indestructible divine life, and the illumination he gives cannot be shrouded or defeated by the darkness of human failure”

“Isaiah looked towards the day when the guards on the deserted city's wall would see the return of the Lord 'face to face”

God will decide History’s End!

A new horizon!

What the f*ck!

I can imagine Jim Jones giving a similar ‘peep-talk’ to the followers, just before he broke-out the kool-aid.

Speciousness of this kind would be hard to beat, even if The Archbishop had replaced God with ‘aliens from the extended spiral arm in the fourth quadrant’.

At least we know there IS an extended arm in the fourth quadrant, and chances are there are aliens.

Why didn’t he simply don a chicken-suit & jump around the stage screaming “the sky is falling” whilst making loud clucking noises?

Then at least we’d all think he was taking the piss.

The sad thing for the 75 million Anglicans was - he was serious, even managing to trump The Pope’s ‘ecology of man’(gay bashing)speech two days ago, a mission in itself.

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