Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kiwi Party uses Smacking Petition signatures as its Mailing-List

Many Kiwi’s opened their letter boxes this week to be greeted a letter from the conservative Christian ‘Kiwi Party’.

Not an unusual thing in itself, seeing there’s less than 48 hours until a general election.

But have the recipients of this political material, from the doomed & desperate ‘Kiwi Party’, ever bothered to think where the party got their details from?

If they think carefully they’ll remember it was that nice-old lady, manning the table at the shopping-mall last year.

It was her that was collecting names for the first of two petitions seeking a citizens-initiated referendum against the recent anti-smacking legislation.

If they looked closely to the form the petition form they signed, they would have seen the ‘pro-smacking’ petition was being organised by one, Larry Baldock.

Larry also happens to be the leader of The Kiwi Party.

Now it’s worth mentioning it wasn’t just Kiwi Party supporters that were collecting signatures for the two petitions, there was support also from ACT and Family First in particular.

So those two rival political parties feel particularly aggrieved at being ‘stabbed in the back’ by Larry and his buddies at the Kiwi Party who have gained access to the personal details of a large chunk their membership, including dates of birth.

This is also a massive act of betrayal to anyone who signed the petition in the belief their privacy would be preserved & their details only kept solely for the purposed it was provided for.

The publics trust, has callously been abused for political gain by a party that is heading for oblivion, come Saturday evening.

It also goes to prove my point - you can never have faith in ‘parties of faith’.

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