Thursday, November 27, 2008

Godless Children’s Theatre Group made homeless by Wellington Church

Pastor Tale Hakeagaiki, a fine upstanding Christian gentleman, has ‘turfed-out’ out a children's theatre group that performs plays featuring witches, little pigs and princesses, from it’s traditional home, a Wellington church hall - all because it’s not a “Christian activity”.

KidzStuff Theatre for Children has been staging productions – such as The Princess and the Pea, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Three Little Pigs, Puss n’ Boots and Sleeping Beauty – in the Red Brick Hall, part of the Cambridge Terrace Congregational Church, for about nine years and is closely associated with the venue.

But this arrangement is no longer, because those nasty witches and trios of swine, were not in tune with the brand of Christianity practiced by the new Pastor.

“The place is not a community place, it is a church and in my view should be used for Christian activities,"

“I see it as a church hall for the glory of God”

So this years school-holiday production of ‘Which Witch is Which’ was performed somewhere else.

One only has to take a look at the reprobates & degenerates associated with KidzStuff Theatre to see why the good pastor doesn’t want them polluting young minds.

Children have hated these fanciful 'fairy' stories for centuries.

But this story doesn’t end there, after booting Kidzstuff out, the duplicitous Pastor Hakeagaiki ran his own ‘approved’ school-holiday production from the Red Brick Hall.

Numbers were apparently rather ‘thin on the ground’ for this consecrated production.

Wellington kids apparently much prefer their fairy stories with princes, castles and a liberal dose of anthropomorphism, over ones with arc’s, loaves & fish and living-dead.


Iain said...

Apparently HIS God isn't a god of community or of fun. It's quite hilarious that he would make the distinction between fun community activities and those that are 'for the glory of God'.

If he keeps up that kind of ironic talk then he'll be doing you out of a blog.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Asshat is alienating his church from its community. That's a great church growth strategy, pastor. *snicker*