Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Pope Delusion

People must accept death at “the hour chosen by God,” Pope Benedict XVI recently told a crowd of desperate pilgrims at Lourdes.

His word of comfort to the sick and dying were, we should bite the bullet and submit.
“The grace to accept, without fear or bitterness, to leave this world at the hour chosen by God."

"There are struggles that we cannot sustain alone, without the help of divine grace,"

Why not just tell the poor sods to go home and die, and be done with?

In a nut-shell, the Ex-Nazi Pope was telling all us bipedal primates there, it’s this all powerful invisible being, that decides if our next breath will happen to be our last.

He and his fellow 98.3% chimpanzee’s, are all at the mercy of his God and owe our continuing existence to this being, and nothing we can do as mere humans, is going to change his grand plan.

Gods influence pervades everything, accept it, don’t fight it - then die, and if it’s a miserable death, tough shit.

Mankind may bring starvation upon itself with over population, but it’s God who decides who become one of its wretched victim.

Mankind may start wars but it is God that will guide the bullets, the ones that miss, and the ones that strike between the eyes.

Mankind may have invented medicine, but it is God who decides if it works.

Hail to the invisible omnipotent Roman Emperor who sits in space lowering his/her thumb upon the elderly and newborns alike.

What a ghastly thought, that billions of so-called intelligent, educated humans share in his twisted delusion.

An invisible being called God who decides who will live and die, on a whim of his/her dictate.

Just as worryingly Benedick, also espouses a doctrine that mankind should be in raptures at this cosy arrangement we have with his God (strange I can’t remember signing that contract, can you?)

We should be eternally happy with this arrangement, that no matter what we do, and that also includes prayer & medical intervention, we have no right as humans to have any say in who lives & dies.

That’s Gods choosing - now piss off and suffer your comeuppance mere mortal.

Don’t be bitter, rest in peace safe in the solace it is was the time of Gods choosing. Don't worry about the tears & pain of family and friends, be happy, God has spoken.

Whatever you do don't ponder the suffering and injustice of the death process. These matters are far too complicated for you bipedal chimps, and best left to God and his legions of devotees, who are closer to him/her and more 'in tune' with his/her workings like cancer and Aids etc.

And if God wasn’t busy enough deciding who lives & dies on planet earth every second of every day, he/she has time to individually receive millions of prayers, influence the oceans and elements, decide football results, pick lotto numbers, plan road accidents, drag bodies from aircraft fuselages, cure the sick, disease the healthy, watch over the plankton in the ocean, sit at the end of the bed when you are masturbating, make good things happen to bad people, create iconic nature scenes for Calendars etc etc.

What a fatalistic and Orwellian picture Benedick and The Catholic Church paints of the world we live in.

Lucky for mankind, none of God business is true.

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Psychodiva said...

I am so glad to have found your blog- I am supposed to be emigrating to NZ in a couple of years and thought that maybe it was a bastion of religious dogma - glad to find it isn't :)