Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wellington Church Up-Skirt Sicko in Court

Per the Police and Court record a convicted Wellington man had 1400 recordings from up the skirts of women or of them undressed in bathrooms without their knowledge.  
The man, 36, has suppression on his name preventing him being identified and that of his targets. 
To put his crimes in scale N.Z Police found recordings of 180 victims.  
Sicko altered a laptop bag to hide a camera, tailing groups of schoolgirls in Lambton Quay and around Wellington's central business district. He would manoeuvre the camera to film shots up their skirts, sometimes following them into food and clothing stores. 
Shooting up-skirts was his lunchtime hobby from the drudgery at Internal Affairs.  
Above is a CCTV image of him ‘in action’.  
Amongst his array of visual victims were female colleagues from his church as they went around talking to people in their homes or during church meetings. 
Now which church goes door to door I ask you? 
The Jehovah Witness’s that’s who.

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