Friday, June 14, 2013

Atheism is the path to Global Peace

The Global Peace Index is out for 2013.
Once again there is a direct correlation between religious belief as it relates to freedoms, stability, crime and propensity to undertake aggressive acts.  

All the top 10 countries, proudly including New Zealand, are secular states with high numbers of non-believers.  

The more theists one has as neigbours the greater the chance you have for finishing near bottom on the GPI, having a bunker in your backyard and barbed-wire fences surrounding your house.   

In short, the more religious a country is the lower down the list it will find likely itself.  

Any arguments poorer countries are disadvantaged evaporate when you spot the United States of America down in 100th position.   

Frankly the GPI speaks volumes about the adverse role religion plays on this planet.  

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