Friday, June 14, 2013

New Zealands Anti 1080 Campaigners are out of control

Just how low can Kiwi Anti-1080 campaigners go? 

Lacing dog food with 1080 in the prospect some unsuspecting dog owner will be walking his dog through a forest and then the poor animal will be enticed to eat the poison laden ‘treat’. Then hoping the angry, aggrieved owner will become a cause-celeb, attack the use of 1080 and attract public sympathy.   

Dogs do die as a result of ingesting 1080. 

Often this occurs when the pet eats a dead animal like an opossum that has been killed by the pest-control poison.  

But to deliberately target pets to make capital for their cause is despicable. 

Bereaved dog owners who have been venting their spleen at D.O.C, local Councils may need to think again. The death of their dog may not have been a tragic accident but a deliberate act by Anti 1080 Campaigners.  

The logic of anti 1080 zealots going down this radical line defies comprehension. 

On one hand they claim to want save native birds, wildlife but in the next breath they are happy killing the beloved Kiwi family pet.    

Moving on from this there’s the even more sinister tactic being employed by Anti 1080 radicals that of spreading the rat poison talon, another of their beefs, in public toilets. 

What are they hoping to achieve here? 

An inquisitive child takes ‘the bait’?  
Where is this going to end?

I remember once having a debate with a bloke in a tramping-hut about the use of 1080. I appreciated, took-in the anti-1080 brigaders arguments against its use but when I asked “What is a viable alternative?” all I got was procrastination.  

If only these 1080 Campaigners would divert their energies to finding an alternative. 

Finding an alternative is the solution - not baiting dogs and toddlers.



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