Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Auckland Catholic Nun accused of breaking 9 year olds arm at Sunday School

I was under the impression Sunday School was a time to indoctrinate children with fanciful tales even the kids know are fairy-stories. 

Not a place where a child would be (allegedly) assaulted. 

Enter, stage left, yesterday’s case from Auckland Court. 

The court heard how Sister Leva was helping with a Sunday School class at St Patrick's Catholic church in Panmure in April of this year when the incident happened. 

Apparently the children were practicing an action song to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a church leader when Sister Leva became pissed-off at a 9-year-old girl for doing the actions wrong. 

The state prosecution alleges "She (Sister Leva) then went up to her and flicked her in the side of the head, causing her to feel dizzy,"  

"She then twisted her arm up behind her back and the girl heard a click in her shoulder and neck." 

The next day it was discovered the arm was fractured.  

Leva-i-Fangalupe Fono, known as Sister Leva was charged with assaulting a child and injuring with intent.  

Sister Leva wore a cross in court and has the support of her church.  

Let’s be honest here, the nun could have chopped-up the entire class, boiled them, eaten them and she’d still have the support of her church.  

That’s the way Catholicism works.   

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