Friday, May 24, 2013

When it comes to fighting Terrorism Western Governments are failing their Citizens

Clearly government in the West can no longer protect their citizens against terrorism.  

Soldiers can’t even wander the streets of England or a military base like Fort Hood.   

The horrendous events in Boston further re-enforce this stark fact. 

There is no point trying to protect borders when the attackers are already inside the ramparts.  

Home-grown terrorism is getting worse not better.  

It’s not Al Qaeda you need to be scared of - it’s the bearded bloke from around the corner who has gone from donning a baseball cap to a Kufi.   

In Canada Mounted Police recently foiled a terror attack on the rail systems that would have potentially killed and injured hundreds.    

So what are the options for Western Governments? 

Clearly Muslim Communities have little to no influence over rogue elements, which treat secular Muslims with equal distain.   

Muslim Communities say they all shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush – but seemingly never root out the terrorists in their midst before the fact.    

What we have seen over the last two decades in the growing Muslim communities of the West is that they themselves are increasingly divided into ‘opposing bands’. 

Moderates, extremists, Shiite, traditionalist, secular, Sunni etc etc.   

They all have different interpretations of their religion and Kaffirs.  

Different interpretations even of the law of the land, clothing, customs etc.    

They are poles apart.  

So the elephant in the room remains: All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. 

Still if these were distinctive brown shirt wearing Neo-Nazis who were undertaking a global terror campaign, killing innocent people in the name of Hitler our respective Governments would be taking a far harder line – directly targeting the group across the board. 

Security, Police etc would be outside their Nazi party headquarters openly watching them to deter attacks.  

More-ever most of the public the public wouldn’t be saying “He’s a good Nazi”.  

But because this terrorism is ideologically driven and it’s ‘a religion’ no one wants to up-set any one. 

Unlike Nazi H.Q Police would never openly sit a car outside a mosque even if they knew it harboured a cell of terrorists.  

The nett result is people are getting hurt whilst our respective Governments try and be nice & consolatory to the broader Islamic community when this approach is clearly failing.   

The time is fast approaching when we need to take a hard-line against Muslims of all persuasions. 

In the short-term this tactic is likely to drive more to the extremists cause, but in the long term it is the only policy that is going to work, coupled with possible repatriation.    

The respective Muslim communities in the West need to take greater ownership of this issue or face a hardened approach bought on as a scared public realises ‘being nice’ isn’t working.

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