Monday, May 6, 2013

The World’s Premier Con-Artist is due in New Zealand Shortly.

Try and pick who I am?  

I once presided over a brutal and exploitive regime that resembled a cross between the European Dark Ages and modern-day North Korea. 

I lorded over a country where women were considered intrinsically evil, the legal system included punishments like mutilation.   

The rich powerful leadership with me as its head formed but a small minority of the country but controlled 95% of the resources and wealth.  

Slavery, repression and disease were the norm for all but the lorded few.     

When I was overthrown as leader I went on the CIA payroll.  

Since my departure day to day life has got better for almost everyone in my country. 

There is now health and education for everyone.   

Life expectancy has gone up 25 years in just 50.  

It’s now that old oppressive leadership that are facing some of their own medicine.   

Despite my appalling, despotic record of leadership I have millions in the west wanting me to be returned to power.  

I have stymied religious freedom within my sanctum, not practiced what I preached.   

I have trendy new-agers buying my books in the millions yearning to hear my words of wisdom.  

So who am I?  

A somewhat forgotten ‘born again’ dictator from 1960’s South America?   

What say an off-shoot of the Khmer Rouge?  

Guess again.
Here's a clue.

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Howard Bennett said...

Very much the "Mother Teresa" syndrome. Yet another evil saint.