Thursday, May 23, 2013


Plus Clothing is a politically correct term for ‘Fat Folk Clothing’.  

There are Plus Sized ‘Fat Folks’ Clothing stores the length and breadth of the land.    

These stores cater for the growing obese community who know where their bread is buttered (with lard)  

After yesterday’s article about Abercrombie and Fitch I now regret New Zealand doesn’t have a similar athletic branded store.  

A brand which targets people of ‘normal’ build – that’s to say people in the normal BMI band for their size/weight.       

It amazes me that anyone would complain against a shop that sells clothing one size and not another? 

Don’t shop there is the simple solution.  

It is clear fatties feel they are being persecuted, the new gays, conveniently ignoring all those Fat Folk Clothing companies. 

To my knowledge there’s not a single exclusively athletic clothing store outside Abercrombie and Fitch, nothing here in Christchurch that’s for sure.   

We don’t see mobs of triathletes and rowers protesting outside Plus Stores about this inequality, now do we?      

That’s because fat people want to wear athletic people clothing – never the other way around (round – get it?)     

When you weigh-up (two of me = 1 of her) the facts the people who are being discriminated against when it comes to clothing choices are in the skinny to normal band (as in gastric)  

Bowing to PC crap are the clothing manufacturers/stores forced to stock fat clothing rather than risk being accused of being ‘sizeist’.   

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