Sunday, December 2, 2012

Southlands Anti-Abortionists Worship a God that simply loves Fetus-Fanticide

Down in Invercargill, the mostly Catholic, protesters have been doing what anti-abortionists around the world do best - threatening and intimidating woman entering Southlands clinic.  

Being ‘good Catholics’ and listing papal lacky MP Bill English as a supporter, 'Southlanders for Life' are not just harassing those women wanting terminations but also ironically those there for fertility treatment.   

Amongst their callous targets in their ‘name and shame policy’ are staff and those attending the clinic plus their relatives for good measure.   

Threats include this email sent anonymously to the Abortion Law Reform Association back in October…. 

“People who work at the clinic are legitimate targets and so are you. You’ll be hearing from me again, that is if your computer, or in fact your premises, are in one piece,” 

These fucktards can’t see the grand irony being supposed ‘pro-life’ on one hand yet advocating ‘killing in the name’ and engaging in violence on the other.    

They are so pig ignorant they can’t even see the fact their chosen god ‘Yahweh’ actually loves abortion!  

Yahweh terminates literally millions of pregnancies every week.   

His manifesto ‘The Bible’ parts one & two has not one bad word to say about abortion.   

You don’t even have to be a Christian either for Yahweh to go about his number one pet hobby – murdering children in the womb.      

Hitler and his henchmen, all good Catholics by the way, were just pretenders when it comes to senseless, barbaric murder.   

Yahweh and his brat are the fetus-fanticide kings and Southland's anti-abortion rabble are his # 1 supporters.   

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