Monday, December 17, 2012

The U.S Gun-Laws are Fucked-Up.

I’m sorry but when people in politics and the media start proposing armed guards at Kindergartens you know there are deep underlying issues within that given society.

I have rallied on this subject before but the U.S’s issue with firearms boils down to paranoid people wandering the streets with guns.

From a Kiwi perspective it’s a scary thought thinking the guy walking towards you on a Texas Street could be carrying a weapon, could go ‘postal’ at the slightest affront.   

Placing guns in the easy reach of planets most paranoid populous is a recipe for disaster.  

So many guns there’s 9 for every in 10 U.S civilians.  

Presidents, Congressmen/women are prime targets.   

In Australia, Prime Minister John Howard summed-up the situation down here when he commented after a 1996 mass killings in that country that "we took action to limit the availability of guns, and we showed a national resolved that the gun culture that is such a negative in the U.S. would never become a negative in our country."

In New Zealand they vet all potential gun-owners to prevent known nutters like Adam Lanza getting their psychotic paws on them.

N.Z has all but banned people killing sub-machineguns.

The two main political parties here have a bi-partisan approach to gun control.

People here feel safe.

People in the U.S obviously don’t, when the only credible non-recreational reason for carrying a gun in the first-place is to shoot someone.   

By the way the photo (above) is of Caroline Previdi a six year old victim of the Sandy Hook massacre.

She looks spookily like my own daughter did at that age.

Try telling her parents the U.S gun laws aren’t fucked-up.  


Thesauros said...

So you're saying that not all countries have 100,000 people gunned down every year - in peacetime?

Maybe people in those countries with low murder rates are just apathetic. Did you ever think of that? Huh?

The Vicar said...

I don't know if this is better or worse than what you were already thinking, but quite a lot of the people in the U.S. who own a gun at all own more than one, meaning that if the Texan you meet on the street decides to go postal because you looked at him funny, he probably has enough firepower to get into the nation headlines -- but fewer people are armed than the "9 guns for every 10 people" statistic would have you believe.

(On the bright [?] side, it seems that most of the people who go postal attack people in their own general area, so you're probably safe from psychotic Texans in, say, Florida. You only have to worry about psychotic Floridians.)

Canterbury Atheists said...

If apathy means children anywhere on this planet can go safely to pre-school without having their heads blown off then I’m for one happy to embrace it.