Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catholic Bloggers want their Church to be exempt from Child Abuse Investigations, Priests reporting deviate practices.

There are some sick people on the internet.

Not just the unbalanced and paranoid but frankly (no pun as you’ll find-out intended) dangerous.

Dangerous because they attempt to inflict their warped ‘world view’ on society, care little of their view threatens the well-being of others – including vulnerable children.

Fortunately they are a minority, tend to stand out against the norm.

Those of a religious persuasion normally become priests.

The others failed teachers or work behind a desk at your local City Council.   

Only a person with serious moral issues could propose that the Australian Government’s investigation into institutionalised abuse should exempt one of the main perpetrators, The Catholic Church.    

A recent study said 97% of Australians in the street support their governments formation of a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse.

Nielsen who did the poll said they could not recall a poll issue ever receiving such universal support.

So who constitutes the 3% of people would be against such an investigation?

Here in New Zealand we don’t need to look far to locate the fringe-dwellers who would call for Australia to exempt The Catholic Church from being able to practice it’s age-old tradition of child-fucking.

    1.) The author(s) Kereopa of the Catholic site ‘BeingFrank’ accuses the Australian Government of religious persecution! Laughable stuff. I bet his favourite sites includes one on the CIA covering up Alien invasions plus some hard core bondage to recreate those same naughty feelings he got as a 12 year old when Father Paddy stripped naked to cane his bum. Mind-you saying that Catholics do know what persecution is, since historically they have no peers.   
     2.) Lucia Maria, one messed-up lady, argues on N.ZConservative that priests who knew about fellow kiddy fiddlers should be exempt from reporting them to any other authority apart from their church and god. What good that will do since the majority of Catholic priests are deviates is beyond me and the other 97%. Strangely their god Yahweh and his lad JC act as silent witness’s never intervening when these cases happen. Lucia goes on to justify priests having an exemption from the civil world that reports boy buggerers by quoting her favourite non-fiction hardback ‘That was Jesus' entire mission, to set up a system whereby we can gain forgiveness and the friendship of God’.  Yep, that’s the same voyeur god and brat that I told you tacitly approves deviancy.

 Kereopa and Lucia Maria are manifestations of that 3%.    


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