Friday, October 8, 2010

There’s witchcraft in them there Carterton halls.

Wairarapa appears to be a hotbed of paganism (strange, I seem to have been left off their invite list to this years midnight Satanic orgy?) and the sleepy town of Carterton is the vortex for this shameless devil-worship.

This coven of devil-worshippers was exposed when the towns-library was temporarily housed in the local Masonic Lodge.

As every good Christian knows those goat-molesting Freemasons are in league with Beelzebub and Reverend John Cromarty from St David’s Church in Carterton wants the mayor to close the temporary library being run out of the lodge – least it corrupts the population.

In his letter to the town mayor Cromarty spells-out the evils of Freemasonry and the potential dangers of being exposed to its dark-craft.

"Freemasonry, while it does good works in the community, is based upon the worship of pagan gods,"

“While it portrays a facade as being compatible to Christianity in its teaching, it has its foundation rooted in witchcraft and pre-Christian teachings and practice."

The reply from Cartertons mayor, Gary McPhee, to Reverend Cromarty’s complaints could have been penned by yours-truly, given its acerbic nature.

McPhee told Cromarty in his open reply he was "stuck in the wrong century" and "We are now in the 21st century but clearly some people didn't move along with us."

Looking at the retard in the photo above (check-out the jutting jaw and small cranium) – I have to agree with McPhee’s line of reasoning on this one, but he appears to have let diplomacy get the better of his vitriol.

After closer examination of Reverend John ‘Missing-Link’ Cromarty’s photo, I would place that period of time closer-to 400,000 years ago when Homo Neanderthalensis roamed the planet, rather than mere centuries.


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