Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Would the real DM please stand-up

This is ‘the’ legendary DM (a.k.a David Marbus) the author of such gems as the one below, which appear with annoying regularity in the comments section of atheist blogs through-out the world, including mine:

add comment moderation to your BS you will not have a PUBLIC FORUM NEW GAME WITH YOU LITTLE F*CKERS - SPEAK N DIE. Come see the latest DM videos for your viewing pleasure! the WORLD TRADE CENTER PROPHECY - THE DANCE OF DEATH _______________ And the Pope is 100% correct: The Nazis and the atheists both wish to ABOLISH FAITH.... ________________________ hawking is WRONG science cannot explain NOTHING! FAIR AND BALANCED! ________________

If that wasn’t enough indication DM is a looney-tune extraordinaire, take-a-look at another one of his delusional rants, I recently deleted:

the only crap you will ever need from this so-called "philosopher" called massimo pigliucci "The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it." JOHN THE REVELATOR! FAIR AND BALANCED! KING OF TERROR add comment moderation to your BS or more people will die with you... NO GODS AND NO POLITICS WITH THESE LITTLE IDIOTS! plush safe he think but with recent revelations about James Randi, I think he likes DICKS! THE SECOND COMING! THE END OF ATHEISM FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT... THE B**BQUAKE - 911

David Marbus turns-out to be a Canadian called Dennis Markuze and he’s a lot younger than I expected.

But then again I should have guessed he was closer to 30 than 50 when I had in front of me the stunning truth that Nostradamus predicted the formation of the group Depeche Mode and that somehow in-turn lead to September 11th.

If you ask me his jacket is more Spandau Ballet than Depeche Mode and the later have penned more than fair share of atheist anthems as it happens – not that DM is aware of much happening in the real world outside his Montreal bedroom.

Markuze also seems to like the Japanese horror-film ‘The Ring’ from other rants I’ve seen over the years – hardly suprising since I don’t think he gets out much of his parents house, except to fill-up his prescription.

Basically ‘the tough-guy’ DM turns-out to be a sniveling creep.

This song is for you DM.


The Atheist Missionary said...

DM forced me to enable comment moderation on my blog. Where did you get the picture?

BathTub said...

He turned up at some convention, and PZ Myers posted it.

Canterbury Atheists said...

I first spotted his bio here:

Looks as if he turned-up at some Atheist Convention and was exposed there.

Real fuck with eh.



gmjackson said...

Reading DM's comments made my eyes hurt.