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Holy Cow: The Loathsome Cult of Mother Teresa.

“She started off with one companion and a borrowed apartment. After a course in nursing, she went out, picked up a dying man from the gutter and brought him home to her apartment. In those nearby slums she could easily find old people dying in the gutter, abandoned babies in garbage pails, lepers thrown out by their families and other such rejects”

She remembers that first day: “Such a beautiful day, to meet Christ face to face in the poor. He was there – the hungry, the sick, the naked Christ – and the thought of Him in this distressing disguise gave me great joy, peace and strength”.

"This woman was, of course, Mother Teresa – the embodiment of a Christ-like virtue; the human face of COMPASSION"

[ Excerpt from a sermon made by Year 13 student at Lindisfarne College, N.Z ]

Keen to continue both the myth and revenue streams, every year hundreds of Kiwi teens from Catholic secondary schools are flown off to Calcutta to worship at the alter of a deceased Albanian nun: Mother Teresa.

If ever there was a case of reputation blighting the facts – Mother Teresa’s is it.

Christopher Hitchens accurately summed-up this ascetain as “the single most successful emotional con job of the 20th century”.

Let’s get this straight from the beginning - Mother Teresa’s ‘driving force’ was her extreme faith, not some philanthropy to help the poor and less well-off. She became ‘the poster girl’ of the Catholic Church (thankfully not the centre fold spread) on the back of the Papalist propaganda machine aided by a news media eager to lap-up ‘good news stories’ and a gross failure on their behalf to look beyond her visage.

M.T was an open advocate of suffering ‘to bring one closer to Jesus’.

Her warped method of alleviating suffering - was to practice it.

In any ‘Nobility of Suffering’ – Mother Teresa would be queen.

"The most beautiful gift for a person is that he can participate in the suffering of Christ," (obviously her words, not mine)

At the bedside of one screaming sufferer, she was heard to say "You are suffering, that means Jesus is kissing you." "Then tell your Jesus to stop kissing me" rebuffed the poor man.

She provided grotesquely inadequate medical care and pain relief at her so called ‘hospitals’ and hospices.

What she ran was a ‘Home for the Dying’. There were no doctors or nurses (in the Western concept of the terms) little in terms of medicine to cure the sick, no palliative care to speak of . These were merely crude doss-houses for the poor victims to spend their last miserable days. The largest of these ‘Homes for the Dying Destitute’, had one communal ‘open plan’ toilet, stretchers for beds, no chairs and a policy which banned visitors.

Saving souls was priority, not saving lives.

When she became sick herself, she flew off to a clinic in the United Sates, first class, on Air India. A wise decision one thinks, given the sad state of sanitary conditions her own facilities. It’s hard to imagine Teresa wanting to squat-down next to some destitute as they went about their bodily functions, when she herself headed an Order with a seven figure bank balance.

That Order she founded banked millions upon millions, which was never spent on the poor. Her ‘Mission of Charity’ remains the only Indian Charitable Organisation that refuses to ‘open its books’ so donors can see where their money has been spent. Vatican bankers don’t exactly have a reputation for honesty and prudent investment, but odds on that’s where most of the donations ended up.

Not one hospital was built with the millions that flooded in, but there are at least 150 known convents that benefited.

She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women to decide their own conceptive needs. Better to have eight staving and sick ‘little Catholics’ than plan for a family with two, both of which at least stand a shot at a decent life.

Over-population is an acute problem in India and MT’s solution was to add to this misery by campaigning for a ban on birth control, which I guess ‘drummed-up some more business’ for her homes for the dying, and further added to her credentials as a Saint (at least through the blinkered eyes of The Catholic Church)

“I would say it was a certainty millions of people died because of her work” (Christopher Hitchens on Penn & Teller)

She was happy to fill her coffers with the monies misappropriated by the atrocious, corrupt Duvalier family from Haiti (whose rule she praised in return) “It was a beautiful lesson” was what she said about her time with the Duvalier’s.

Whilst the dead and dying lay on their crude beds in her hospice, this master manipulator found time to travel the globe and ‘meet & greet’ world leaders like the Reagans and Princess Diana. Cripes she even had time to campaign in Ireland against the right to divorce and re-marry (it must have been the leapers low season back home in India) When asked about Diana’s divorce, just two months after visiting Ireland, MT bowed to expediency and stated “it was for the best”. In other words - it’s fine for influential ‘blue blood’ benefactors to get divorced but not Irish plebs. Hell -why not sell an indulgence and be done with?

When Lady Di & Mother Teresa meet it was always in an outdoor environment.
They could never find a man-made structure big enough to house both egos together.

And when she made her Nobel prize-winners speech she spoke-out against the ‘greatest threat facing world peace’. And what is that threat you may ask? Well in Saint Theresa’s world (as opposed to yours and mine) it’s abortion.

She was expedient with the truth when it suited her own needs. For example she claimed that her mission in Calcutta fed over a thousand people daily. On subsequent occasions (depending on her audience and the depth of their pockets) the number rose to 4000, 7000, and 9000. In actuality her soup kitchens fed no more than 150 people, and this included her retinue of nuns, novices, and brothers. She claimed at one point that her school in the Calcutta slum contained five thousand children when it actually enrolled less than one hundred.

People hate being fleeced and tricked, so when facts like these are presented to say those Kiwi kids about to board their flight to India, it’s human nature they'd either refute them (in preference to the propaganda spread by those with a vested interest, that’s to say the Catholic Church) or attack the source of the revelation as being ‘mean spirited’ or ‘ignoring the good things she’s done’.

To the great unwashed there is no ‘Bad’ Mother Teresa only ‘good’ and to these devotees, this is where the matter rests, there amongst what are little more than Vatican Press Releases spread by negligent journalists. Rational critique of her life is seen as blasphemy, such is her pre-eminence in the annals of popular belief.

But those who dare to ‘scrape the surface’ will see little of virtue in her life and little if any compassion - just twisted devotion.

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