Friday, June 27, 2008

Inside The Destiny Church - Bowels in Motion

There’s a superb New Zealand made doco running on Sky’s Documentary Channel at the moment.

Check-Out: ‘Destiny in Motion’.

I’m bold enough to suggest, overseas readers will also be keen on this micro-documentary, as much as Kiwi’s.

Kiwi comedian Te Radar joins the rank & file from the political arm of The Destiny Church, during their ineffectual & doomed 2005 New Zealand Election campaign.

Without trying to spoil the plot, but to put their polling failure into some sort of electoral context, Destiny receives just a few thousand more votes than The N.Z Legalise Cannabis Party.

That’s to say: 3 parts of sweat f**k all.

In a TVNZ interview made less than a year prior to the 2005 election, the Churches charismatic founder Brain Tamaki, made the bold prediction that “in four years The Destiny Church will be running New Zealand”.

Hmmmm….let me think, 2004 + 4 = 2008!

Looking at my calendar Bish Tamaki and his storm-troops, had better get their ‘arses into gear’.

So unless Destiny are planning some sort of insurrection in the next 6 months (no need to provision for uniforms, they’ve got that covered, mandatory black) this claim will be seen for its fatuousness.

These sort of megalomaniacal postulations are not unusual for the self–appointed Bishop Tamaki.

In 2003 he came-up with another time-definitive claim of grandeur: “I predict in the next five years, by the time we hit our 10th anniversary - and I don't say this lightly - that we will be ruling the nation."

Memo to Bishop Tamaki: take a history lesson from The Seventh Day Adventists, and avoid continually issuing false prophecies.

Tamaki, should also avoid picking-up that dog-eared copy of Readers Digest residing on his doctors waiting room table. Their readers (Issue: May 2007) ranked Tamaki as New Zealand's least trusted of 75 the prominent persons listed.

But back to the documentary, and for those of you unfamiliar with Te Radar, Destiny Church, New Zealand Politics etc, but wanting a better overview of this documentary - imagine a thinner & funnier version of Michael Moore (minus the political bent), going inside say Ted Haggard’s spooky New Life Church, armed only with a sense of humour.

This truly is an amusing insight into your ‘average garden variety Kiwi religious zealot’ & a further heads-up to avoid political parties which march (nein, goose step)behind the banner of ‘family values’.

There’s something about ‘piss-takes’ like this that 'spin my wheels' (can you tell?)

‘Destiny in Motion’ is compulsory viewing.
PS: More on that great geezer Te Radar here


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Wish I had Sky...

Spankermatic said...

I think him and Tim Sisarich are teaming up to try and push the Creationist argument at the moment. But the only good thing I can say is that these buggers couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery - they all fight over who is leading who so much that nothing gets done.
4 more year Brian - 4 more years.

Eds said...

I'm a Baha'i. As a Baha'i, I believe in the Unity of Science and Religion. One of the Central Figures of my Faith teaches "There is no contradiction between true religion and science. When a religion is opposed to science it becomes mere superstition: that which is contrary to knowledge is ignorance."

I don't wish to initiate debate. Rather, I just want more people to be aware of that God exalts science and I hope our conversation and mutual understanding may grow.

In case you don't see a need to reply, I want to say thank you for your commitment to truth. I believe in the scientific method and search for Truth; a path which I believe we share.