Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why do Airlines discriminate against normal sized and skinny people with a single suitcase?

All airlines operate a cargo service in one form or another. 

For decades they have charged air-freight customers on a combination of the greater of the actual weight versus the size. 

A big box of feathers would be charged on the size and not the actual weight. 

An infinitely fair and universal rating policy, no one sees as being ‘unjust’.    

So why therefore should a 90 kilogram person be charged the same as a 150kg person when it comes to an identical passenger seat?   

Why is the total kilo count of the baggage also never factored in?  

Due to wooly-wofter airlines being so ‘politically correct’ they are afraid to instigate what is an infinitely and fair system of rating passengers the same as an air-freight consignment. 

Passenger + Baggage = Total Kilos   

Go over a threshold of say 135kgs and you are charged extra.  

On my last flight I was 90kgs total (comprising 85 + 5 ) and I consider myself to be of average build.  

I am being more than generous with a threshold of 135kgs being 45kgs (approx. 100lbs) more than what I ‘carry’ on a flight.   

It’s hard to argue that currently normal sized and skinny customers, those that pack practically aren't subsidising other passengers given aviation fuel is the airlines largest cost.  

I for one would support the first airline that instigated a fair passenger rating schedule.  

The first major airline to announce a fair rating system would make a killing, spell disaster for fatty/packy friendly airlines as their most profitable clients went off to the new guys and they were left with the dross, having to be re-fuelled in-air to get to their destination.     

Fatties and over-packers could moan “We won’t be using ‘that’ airline” but they invariably would be faced with higher fares that reflected the extra fuel they burn now they weren’t getting subsidised by other passengers.   

Normal travellers would enjoy cheaper fares, not have to put up with obese seat-mates for 13 hours and be able to put their bags in a locker not stuffed to the gunnels with suitcases.         

All in all I’m sick of being discriminated against. 

Legions of fatties and over-packers deliberately being ignored at check-in counters least airlines up-set them.  
Passengers being permitted suitcases bigger than my own as 'carry-on'.

I would also like to those passengers that are so obese they ‘spill’ into other seats automatically pay for two seats. No exceptions. No pissing around pandering to them.

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