Monday, September 23, 2013

Cruise Ships are destroying The Mediterranean

The new fleet of monstrous live sheeple carriers (a.k.a Cruise Ships) are little more than plague boats that infect every port they park their and their clients fat arses in.  

For example the Mediterranean port township of Mykonos, permanent population of the beautiful port township itself, approx. 3,000.   

The township can’t cope with a sudden influx of 3,000 waddling tourists, on-shore for a few hours to buy a tea towel, take the same mandatory photos as everyone else then go back on-board for another round of pink-gins and nightly bingo.   

The share numbers of sheeple mean what is essentially a fishing village is inundated, its famous alleyways clogged.     

The intrinsic nature of the place, its beauty is destroyed under the weight of numbers.  

Where-ever cruise lines go they scorch the earth for other tourists. 

Bloated locusts stripping the place of 'it's goodness' and leaving to do the same at another once pristine location on their route.

Cruise ships as I have mentioned are little more than ‘plague ships’ and their numbers/volume of people need to be restricted.

People like me are already avoiding any destination they destroy on a daily basis.     

My advice when preparing an overseas holiday is to avoid any place on the cruise-ship map.

Go inland away from the sheeple who after-all only have a maximum waddling range of 500 metres from any given drop-off point.     

Look at the losers, girths and tacky dressers in this self-incriminating video fucking it up for everyone.

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